The ‘Game of Warriors’ is not very popular in the Federation, but in the Uncharted Territories it is one of the most watched sports known. On Terra they would call this sport ‘King of the Hill’ and laugh because it is considered a child’s game, but in the Uncharted Territories it is not uncommon for riots to break out over the results of a Exoplast match.

The game is played with three-man teams that vie for control of a hill. The hill is steep with a 60-degree grade and is 70 meters tall. Players fight for control of a disk at the top of the hill. For every second a player is touching disk, he earns his team a point.

Players can utilize any wrestling or grappling attack, but are not allowed to punch, kick, or otherwise strike an opponent. They may, however, bullrush, throw, or tackle each other.

Throughout the match, the hill releases torrents of water, oil, and hot blasts of air at random locations.

A match ends when one team reaches 300 points.


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