Diseases and Parasites


Andromeda Strain

A deadly, green, crystalline, extraterrestrial agent of indeterminate origin. It erodes the vessel walls of the circulatory system, causing death by either triggering the body’s coagulation response (resulting in the entire system clotting in a few seconds), or by cerebral hematoma (accompanied by dementia) if clotting is prevented. It evolves at a rapid rate, is spread by airborne transmission, and is extremely contagious.

Bonadan Cough

Bonadan Cough was a mildly contagious virus that originated from Bonadan. The ailment’s major symptoms included a hoarse cough and deep fatigue.

Black Blood Syndrome

BBS was was first noted by the USS Intrepid when they encountered a ship that was fully operational but all the crew dead. It appeared the crew had gone insane and killed each other in fits of violent rage. Since that enounter the disease makes a reappearance ever so often. Starfleet has declared that any ship found to be carrying the disease must be destroyed imediately.

Cardooine Chills

Cardooine Chills was a virus that caused congestion, coughing, fatigue and body aches as well as an insatiable appetite. The virus had a relatively stable structure, and those afflicted by it generally developed an immunity, allowing the virus to strike only once in a lifetime. Moreover, it could be prevented through the use of vaccines.

Cathor Fever

Cathor Fever was believed to have originated on the planet Ithor.

Collin’s Sindrome

A mutating disease that often starts with pain and sensitivity in the victims nipples, then forms a temporary tumor in the brain as it feeds upon the genetic material of the brain cells, sapping away the victims critical thinking skills and intelligence, once it reaches its critical density, the tumor disbands into the bloodstream, the virus going into a form of hibernation, leaving its victim in a state of near absolute uselessness. Once the virus detects that it has entered a new host due to differences in protein markers of the victims cells, the process begins again.

Container Taint

Container Taint was a general title given to any disease or affliction resulting from the consumption of spoiled or damaged food and/or beverages.


‘Cooties’ generally refers to an invisible germ or bug, transferred by skin to skin contact, usually with a member of the opposite sex. Legend has it that cooties are deadly to children.



Death Seed Plague

The Death Seed Plague was a disease caused by parasitic drochs that caused necrosis of the skin and ultimately led to death.

Dog Fever

Necrotizing fasciitis which causes massive hemorrhaging and tissue necrosis. The first symptom of the disease is usually a painful rash, which develops into a scabby or weeping wound. In later stages, tissues become soft and slough away. The initial rash stage can be exacerbated by harsh physical trauma, as was seen when one afflicted woman discovered hand-shaped rashes on her body, where she had recently been tightly held during a passionate sexual encounter. The disease is transmitted when an infected creature’s blood is exposed to a victim’s bloodstream (bare skin contact with infectious blood is implied to not result in infection). It can also be contracted through unprotected sexual activity and by drinking contaminated water. The disease spreads cross-species and was initially discovered in a dead dog. Where the dog contracted the disease is unknown.

Dune Mites

Small mites that infest the body and cause irritation.


A viral infection that infects extremely quickly and only infects those that produce sex hormones (i.e. those after puberty and females before menopause), or are taking medicine that includes similar hormones. On planets where this disease has appeared, all adults except the venerable die.



Gamorrean Rot

Gamorrean Rot was a disease that originated on the planet Gamorr. It eventually mutated to affect non-Gamorrean races over time.

Iverson’s Disease

A debilitating muscular disease with no known cure. There are also no known cases of remission.



Knytix Pox

Knytix Pox was a disease communicated by the knytix insect of Thyferra. It was highly contagious, and could be acquired by simply breathing in a concentrated area of knytix.



Martian Flu

This bioengineered disease was created by Starfleet Intelligence for use against the Founders. The virus was never used but somehow escaped into the population. Humans are immune as are many other species. Shapeshifters, Vulcanoids, and Breen have proven quite succeptable. The disease breaks down cellular walls cause the body to die very rapidly. It has been described as looking like “a thousand bite marks appeared on him and within the hour there was nothing left but bone.” A vaccine has been created but it only appears to work for Vulcanoids.

Myosoporic Plague

A terrible disease that causes black tumors (buboes) of range in size from that of an egg to that of an apple. Once the tumors begin to form in the airway the victim usually dies within a day. There is no known cure and the etimology of the disease in uncertain.

Ponpon Virus

A systemic illness that attacks the blood causing black/purple spots and gangrene. This disease is of Ferengi Origin where it is a childhood illness but in adults of other species it is quite deadly. Limbs lost do to the virus cannor be regrown as the scaring is terrible.




Reaper causes effects similar to black plague but only affects Romulans and Vulcans.

Rodian Dank

Rodian Dank was a highly contagious disease that affected the Rodian race. It could be transferred via bodily fluids, or even by breathing in the same area as an infected individual.

Scurrier Disease

Scurrier Disease was an unusual disease believed to be carried by wild scurriers, sometimes contracted on the planet Tatooine.


A virus that creates zombies by transforming the brain, then reanimating the infected. The infected brain’s oxygen-independence is stressed; other bodily function vary in how they are affected by the virus – some function in their original or modified state, while others remain dormant. It is also highly toxic; animals simply die from infection (reanimation occurs solely in humans) and ingesting flesh is permanently fatal. It is contracted by direct contact with infected individuals/bodies.



Rigelian Fever

This deadly disease, similar to Earth’s bubonic plague but even faster-acting, first appeared in Sathura in the 2120s and killed 100,000 people before being stopped. It flares up on Rigel IV every few generations, occasionally hitting ships in orbit through planetside crew. Outbreaks of a disease similar to it show up in older Orion records; disturbingly, some of those records hint that earlier Orion empires might have built Rigelian fever as a biological weapon. Rigelian fever drastically damages humanoid glandular systems, causing unsightly swelling as it shunts aside temperature regulation mechanisms and cooks the sufferer from within. Only ryetalyn treatments can cure it, and it can leave serious neurological or organ damage in its wake.

The Ripley (Shit Weasels)

An alien parasitoid macrovirus. The adult aliens resemble deformed potato beings with legs, while the younger aliens — nicknamed ‘shit-weasels’ because they can be created in a host organism’s stomach and escape by eating their host’s body between the stomach and anus — are legless, smaller versions of the adult alien. Both adult and young aliens have a mouth consisting of a slit on the underside of the head that goes down the length of the worm. The lips separate to reveal hundreds of teeth that can bite through steel.

Thing Cells

If these enter another animal, it fuses with every cell of the host, possessing the host entirely. Each infected cell becomes an individual life form with its own desire to survive. An infected cell will seek out other cells to infect with its virus, and will work together with other infected cells to imitate other life forms. Because infected cells can rapidly duplicate and shapeshift, and because dislocated pieces of an infected host will shapeshift and become separate entities, infected hosts can only be killed if every individual cell is destroyed. Finally, hosts retain their knowledge and memories, allowing the virus to perfectly imitate any person and remain undetected.

The Jason Strain

A virus created when an artificial virus was exposed to serial killer Jason Voorhees, it was originally meant to be a cure-all and age-retarding super drug. Those infected by the virus gain some ‘super’ powers, including mega-strength and the inability to feel pain, but intelligence is severely reduced. Those infected with the virus have only been able to be killed via decapitation. The most notable affect of the virus is the rate of accelerated regeneration the victim gains.

The Trips

A deadly, flu-based virus. Created as a biological weapon codenamed Blue. Causes a lethally high fever and is highly contagious. It is deadly because as the body fights off the disease, it mutates into different strains of influenza, making immunity next to impossible. Also called ‘Superflu’, ‘Tube Neck’, and ‘Project Blue’.



Xebec’s Sickness

Simular to the Pneumonic plague – attacking lungs – most virulent, spread by air. The disease is mostly caught by miners. Can be treated in the first 48 hours but after that death is certain.


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