Denchar Penal Colony

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The Kolanary system is a trinary system and is the home of 17 planets. Most of these planets are gas giants and only the moon Denchar circling K-3 is habitable. The Romulans maintain a small space station in the system, Orbitting K-5 and Starfleet maintains several ships in the area including the USS Neptune.

In 2350 Denchar was turned into a penal colony and the city of Xebec’s Demise became the central hub of life on Denchar. Since becoming a penal colony, over 500,000 prisoners have been marooned on the planet but the planet only has a population of about 20,000 and all but a few hundred of them live in Xebec’s Demise. The hardships offered by the prisoners and environment take a terrible toll on the lives of all sentenced here. The prisoners have developed a rather complex society that is fuedal in nature.

The moon has many native flora and fauna, most notable are the Dragons. Huge reptiles with armored hides and a taste for humanoid flesh. They enter a frenzied state when they catch the scent of a Cardassian. Due to the high ammonia concentration in the water and air it is recomended that people use filters and protective eyewear.

Orion Prison Facility

Formerly the site of the now defunct Orion Metallurgy Corporation, that business failed more than a century ago, and was taken over by the Romulans and converted to a correctional facility for Romulan political prisoners and worse. This is the old original prison from before the penal colony was established. It is located on an island about 200 miles from Xebec’s Demise. Many prisoners have tried to cross the Amonia Sea but none have returned.

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Denchar Penal Colony

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