This aquatic species has been given the rating of ‘Class 7 Hostile’ by Starfleet. Under current orders, they are to be exterminated wherever encountered. The Dagonari appear to be bipedial fish. They thrive in salt water and can be found in those waters on nearly any planet. Their starships use something called supermathmatics to travel the galaxy and it is believed they originated in another galaxy. The species is known to kidnap bipedal sapients for use in their mating rituals. As a species they cannot propagate without a host. The male inserts his seed into a viable host and the child born will appear to be the same species as the host. When the child reaches puberty a transformation begins and the Dagonari heritage begins to appear. Eventually the newly formed Dagonari will assume its full fishlike appearance and migrate to the ocean.

The use of hosts to gestate their young has multiple advantages. One is that the new child will possess all the normal aspects of its host parent but once puberty hits will also gain the following template:

Dagonari Overlay Template

Attribute Bonuses
  • Fitness +1 to current and max
  • Presence -1 to current and max
  • Force +2 to current and max
  • Essence +1 to current and max
Bonus Traits
  • Pheromones: Sexual (+4)
  • Natural Armor 5 (+2)
  • Nictitating Membranes (+1)
  • Gills (+2)
  • Bad Smell (-1)
  • Supermathmatics (+3)


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