Cyber-Bio Mods

During character creation, the option exists to make cybernetic and/or biomodified characters. Follow normal character creation and you will have no problems. After character creation you may wish to go see a ripperdoc or genesplicer. Getting Biomods and Cybermods in this fashion has two prices.

First, the latinum it will cost for surgery and inplant.

Second, a cost in negative traits. Each upgrade that is more than trivial will require the character to pick up new physical and/or mental negative traits of equal DP value. A Plot Point may be spent to reduce this second cost at GM discretion; maybe the guy working on you had a dramatic success or access to better drugs, or maybe your body was naturally open to this particular upgrade.

Alternatively, the Player may opt to reduce Attributes or other stats to represent problems with the new upgrade. So long as the points balance, you are good to go.

Regardless of when or how you aquire these modifications, you automatically gain the traits Social Stigma: Cybernetics or Social Stigma: Biomodification. These traits do not give you any bonus DP for the character – you chose this path so live with it. Obviously the social stigma only applies when someone knows about the upgrades.

Cyber-Bio Mods

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