Cult of Xebec

The Cult of Xebec is several centuries old but it is the only religion that is practiced by the Dencharans. Whoever Xebec was remains a mystery, but hundreds of legends about him have arisen over the years. It is believed that Xebec will return when the Prophecy of Xebec is fulfilled. Within the city of Xebec’s Demise, the Axe Gang acts as the brutal strength of the Cult of Xebec.

The practice of sapient sacrifice is not a new one, and every year on the Solstices (Wintermas and Summermas) a sacrifice is made at the Tomb of Xebec. The sacrifice is always a female Romulan. The woman is raped by the entire Axe Gang over the course of a 10-day festival. She is then forced to drink a beverage made of fermented dragon urine. Finally, she is impaled on a pike over the tomb, where it typically takes 3-4 days for her to die. Any who attempt to interfere in the festivities are chained to the tomb, doused in bencan oil, and lit afire. Children will often be found roasting marshmallows over the burning bodies.

Another strange ritual that the practitioners follow is the sacrifice of the firstborn child of every woman in the Cult. The infant is drowned in the river and set adrift within an hour of birth. This retrograde abortion is done in honor of the thousands of children the Romulans stole from the Dencharans during the Days of Testing. The Cultists believe the sacrifice of the child grants it immortality in another universe.

A sub-cult has also formed in the city which has renounced the blood sacrifice. They believe Xebec has already arrived, but do not yet know who he is. They travel the streets of Xebec’s Demise searching for Xebec the Giver, with the hope that they will become part of his cleansing armada, which will rise and destroy the Romulans.

The Cult is at odds with the AK’s and if not for the strength of the Axe Gang, would long ago have been wiped out.

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