Cult of Gaga

On May 17, 2011 the Cult of Gaga was officially formed. The Cult worships the 21st century musical sensation known as Lady Gaga. At first the cult was only made up of adulating fans but with the star’s disappearance in 2021, a religion was born.

The Cult of Gaga has spread beyond the boundaries of the Federation and has millions of members on nearly every Federation world. Those who follow the cult are called Little Monsters.

Priestess of Gaga

Some Tenants of the Cult:

  • Give to those in need
  • It is good to take from those who have too much
  • Never Lie, Cheat, or Steal from the faithful
  • Perform your daily rituals
    • Sing one of her songs each morning and evening
    • Put your paws in the air and give praise to her
  • Never abandon a teammate
  • Always take responsibility for your actions (You were born this way and should be proud of it)
  • Each year Little Monsters are expected to have some kind of cosmetic surgery, biomodification, cybernetic upgrade, or body alteration (Tattoo, Brand, or Piercing)
  • Share your experiences, learning, dreams, and visions with others
  • Love all who are worthy of your love
  • Destroy those who would try to harm you.
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Cult of Gaga

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