Cult of Azathoth

This cult has had its ups and downs over the centuries. With the discovery of beings like the Solid State Entity and others, the cult has found new life amongst the members of the UFP. The cult believes that an ancient creature known as Azathoth exists at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and that this creature possesses vast wisdom and knowledge, which it will share with the faithful. Over the past decade, hundreds of generation ships have left the UFP with a goal of reaching the core of the galaxy. Members of the cult are considered insane and Starfleet has a standing policy of dismissing any members that join the cult.

Priest of Azathoth jacked into a deep space telescope, searching for his god.

Cultist Overlay
  • Behavior Modification (Brainwashing) 1(2)
  • Channeling 1(2)
  • Esoteric Medicine 1(2)
  • Knowledge: Secret Society 1(2)
  • Meditation 2(3)
  • Ritualism 1(2)
  • Dodge 1(2)
  • Intimidation 1(2)
  • Sexual Technique 1(2)
  • Unarmed Combat, Any 2(3)
  • Vehicle Operations: Any 1(2)
  • Weapon: Any 2(3)
  • Magically Gifted (+3)
  • Faith (+1)
  • Moralizing Creed (+1)
  • Secret Society (+4)
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Cult of Azathoth

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