Credits and Resources

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For those reading our pages but not familiar with our gameplay, these notes are important:
  • Instead of regular d6’s being used we are using d6’s that are numbered from 0 to 5. This means we had to lower all difficulties by 2 points, so if you’re using our notes, add two to all the difficulties mentioned for use in a standard LUGTREK campaign. We also use a Drama Deck
  • For starships and starship combat we are using Steve Long’s Spacedock
  • We have borrowed a lot of data from MemoryICON and they deserve a whole lot of credit for all the work they have done to keep LUGTREK alive.
  • Many of these NPC’s will make an appearance in our campaign. Thanks to those who created them.


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Star Trek LUG
icon system
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Mad Irishman’s Character Sheet Database


We would also like to thank the following people from Obsidian Portal for helping with all the code on this page. As a complete novice to html or textile I was lost and could not have done it without help. If you helped and I failed to list you, send me a note.


I want to give a special thanks to TolsimirWolfblood for his help with bringing Avatar: The Last Airbender to Star Trek Late Night. I have loved that series for years and Wolf’s vision of the Avatar Universe is awesome. Thanks to his notes I have been able to transform the world of Avatar into a planet in the Star Trek Universe. Only time will tell how this plays out but it is a great addition to our story. Click here to see the magnificent work that Wolf has done.

Credits and Resources

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