Crazy Eight's Personal Log - Episode 32

Hello Bookielog!!! Me sooo happy. Me found you a body and me going to get you set up real soon. Then you can travel with me and we can go see things together. Me wonder what you will do when you get your body. Me look at own body and frown. Me body is weak and stringy and not nice to look at. Me not like mirror who show me scars and makes sad faces at me. Me break mirror for being mean to me. Bad mirror not hurt me anymore.

Me was heading to detention when Kitten called me to bridge. Big giant super huge triangle ship was calling us. Me see black turtlehead staring at me on screen and telling me he want to board me. Me say, “Ok!” and giant ship grab us with grabby rays. After we get inside me go open the cargo bay and me gets to meet Turtlehead. Inky and Mantis were standing with me and we saw lots of turtleshells with guns. Me think they have not enough guns if me decides to make them go poof but me smile and wave at Turtlehead.

Turtle head says he wants turtleshells to go on ship to find something me nots have. Me says “OK” and lead them inside. Turtlehead ask lost of questions buts mes nots understands much. Me offer him drink but he get angry and he uses witchy powers on me. Me gets mad and tells him he is bad man. Me start screaming things me nots understand but he let me go and back up. Me see he scared and me let Oloo loose. Oloo tell Turtlehead many bad bad things he seem to shake and grow smaller. He tell turtleshells to leave ship. They run off of ship very fast.

Turtlehead then turned and slowly walked away. Me could tell he was scared of Oloo but me not scared of him. Me tell Oloo to go back to sleep and it does. Me walk down ramp and Turtlehead offer to make me student. Me laugh and tell him he should join my crew and be my student. Me sense danger but Turtlehead just turns and leaves. Me close ramp and tell Inky to get us out of here.

Me walk back to bridge with Mantis and she tell me Turtlehead is real big and dangerous bad man. Me start giggling. Me think he seem kind of small. Me make big bad man very small turtlehead. Me fall down giggling. Me gets to bridge and see giant super big humungoship and me say “Poofy them!!!” Kitten opens fire and me grin real big when giant hole is blown in tower on top of ship. Millions of beams of light then exploded around us but we just turn on the temper and go zooming to six o’clock. Me happy me have good crew and good ship. Turtlehead not mess with me again. Me got Temper ship and me never lose again. Since she is a Temper ship me will call her the Fury.

Spiderpet bit me while I was in the fresher so me squish him and eat him. Me sad now. Me like spiderpet. Now me look for new furry pet. Maybe me go to Vulcan and get a kitty cat.

Me think it time to go put you into new body. Bye-bye Bookielog.

Crazy Eight's Personal Log - Episode 32

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