Commerce Planet 03

Planet Name:
Class: M
System Data:
Gravity: 0.9
Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen
Hydrosphere: 74% Surface Water
Sapient Species: None
Tech Level: Level 6
Government: Corporate
Culture: Mercantile
Affiliation: Independant
Resources: Medicines both natural and synthetic
Places of Note:
Ship Facilities: A massive docking facility orbits the planet.
Other Details:

A commerce planet, as the name would suggest, was a term given to a planet used primarily or at least largely as a base for vending, trade, and marketing. As a result, these planets were highly industrialized and urbanized, drawing large crowds of merchants and consumers to buy, sell, and trade their products.

Commerce Planet 03 is actually a moon orbitting a gas giant. The planet specialized in medical technology but has vendors that sell most commodities.

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Commerce Planet 03

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