Commerce Planet 02

Planet Name:
Class: M
System Data:
Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen
Hydrosphere: 88% Surface Water
Sapient Species: None
Tech Level: Level 6
Government: Corporate
Culture: Mercantile
Affiliation: Independant
Places of Note:
Ship Facilities: A massive docking facility orbits the planet. Also the planet has several orbiting starship repair facilities as well as dozens of on planet starports.
Other Details:

A commerce planet, as the name would suggest, was a term given to a planet used primarily or at least largely as a base for vending, trade, and marketing. As a result, these planets were highly industrialized and urbanized, drawing large crowds of merchants and consumers to buy, sell, and trade their products.

Commerce planet 02 is located in the Uncharted Territories and is the largest competitor with Lira’s Fortress. This planet is well defended and though it sells many goods, it’s primary business is starship repairs and weapon systems. Arok the Hutt also operates here and has a good relationship with Lira.

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Commerce Planet 02

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