Character Design

Luck Table

Roll and add 2d
. #0 – Gain a -5 point Sworn Enemy
. #1 – Add 1 point to an Attribute
. #2 – Gain a -3 point Trait
. #3 – Gains a New Skill 1(2)
. #4 – Gain +2 to your Appearance
. #5 – Start the game with 3 Bennies
. #6 – Gain a -3 point Sworn Enemy
. #7 – Gains a New Skill 2(3)
. #8 – Subtract 1 point from an attribute
. #9 – Gains +3 Wealth
. #10 – Gain a +5 or +6 point Trait


#1. Choose a Racial Template

  • If the character is the offspring of a multi-racial family, gain the trait Mixed Species Heritage [+6]
  • If not, spend 6 Development Points on Attributes as desired

#2. Choose a Career Overlay

#3. Choose a Childhood Influence

#4. Choose an Adolescence

#5. Choose a Background

#6. Choose a Tour of Duty

#7. Each player may choose one additional Background (two maximum) and up to nine additional Tours of Duty (ten maximum).

  • Tours must correlate with the Star Trek timeline we have in place.
  • If a Starfleet Background is taken as the first choice and another at a later time, the character has left Starfleet under negative circumstances.
  • If the character takes the Tour of Duty Resigned Commission prior to a second Background he left under favorable circumstances.
  • Characters have the option of taking a Special Tour called ‘Denchar Penal Colony’. If they take this tour they have lived in the colony for at least 2 years. If not then they are new arrivals having only been in the colony for a month or so. If this tour is taken it must be the final tour the character takes.

#8. For each Background, Childhood, Adolescent, and Tour of Duty, the player may modify the base template. The final modified package must be balanced, if needed, with Flaws.

#9. Depending on your final age, the character may suffer from Aging Effects.

  • Base Age is equal to the age your species becomes an adult. If a synthetic character the minimum age is 1.
  • If a Personal Development package is taken as a Tour of Duty, add the number of years listed in the package.
  • If a second Background is taken add 4 years.
  • Each Tour of Duty adds a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years, at the player’s discretion.
  • The Denchar Penal Colony tour adds a minimum of 2 years.

#10. Add Bonuses from below:

#11. Answer these questions

#11. Roll on the luck table to the right:

Character Bonuses

Each of the following grants 2 Development Points, to be awarded when the bonus is turned in:

  • Supply your own character image
  • Write a good background for your character
  • Provide a good story for your 3×3×3 people (3 Allies, 3 Enemies, 3 Contacts)
  • Flesh out any people from your past gained through lifepath

If a 3×3×3 is made, apply these Traits at no cost:

  • Allies [2/3/5]
  • Contacts [1/2/3]
  • Sworn Enemy [-1/-2/-3]

Former Characters from the Vanguard Campaign

Any player may revisit characters from the Vanguard campaign with the following modifications:

  • New house rules are in place that may affect one or more aspects of the character. This may result in a redesign of the character using the old one as a guideline.
  • Characters that were killed or were MIA are still dead or MIA.

The GM would prefer that you make up a new character, but if you really need to get that old one out, go for it.

Very Experienced Characters

This option is available, but to qualify for it you must do some heavy lifting. Write the story of the main plot line for a season of the character’s own television show, giving details of the adventures, people, places, etc. You must write-up details about at least 5 important characters that appeared in the season, along with images. You must also make sure that you leave the story open enough that the GM can pull from your storyline to add to future adventures. Doing this will grant the character several bonuses:

  • 5 points divided among the following:
    • Contacts
    • Ally
    • Favor Owed
    • Patron
  • -5 Points divided among the following:
    • Sworn Enemy
    • Romantic Attachment
    • Rival
    • Phobia
    • Vengeful
  • 3 Points Divided among the following:
    • Contraband
    • Haven
    • Wealth
    • Species Friend
    • Celebrity
    • Famous/Infamous Incident
  • 10 Development Points to spend as desired

You may write more than one season and each one, with GM approval, will grant more bonuses.

If you max out on things you will get a character about the equivelant of Worf or Riker. If you add the ‘Very Experienced Characters’ option you might get your experience up to the equivalent of Picard.

As a final option, if someone makes up a base noob character I will give them free of charge 5 bonus Courage Points. A noob character has one Background and one Tour of Duty – nothing more.

Character Design

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