Champa is very popular on Betazed. Since the admission of Cardassia and Romulus into the UFP the game has taken on a new life and is spreading in those territories like hell fire.

The game is played on a triangualar field 90 meters to a side. At each corner of the field is a 2 meter tall pole. In the center of the field is a mound 4 meters high. Each team has nine players:

  • 3 Pole Guards
  • 3 Fielders
  • 1 Pitcher
  • 1 Catcher
  • 1 Slammer

The pole guards must remain within 9 meters of their respective pole. The catcher, pitcher, and slammer stay on the mound until the ball is pitched.

An opposing team’s player stands on a hoverboard 10 meters from the mound (The hoverboard circles the mound clockwise at a speed of 5 kph) and the ball is thrown by the pitcher at the player. If the ball hits him he is out. If the player manages to hit the ball with his bat then play begins. If the ball misses entirely 3 times, the hitter takes the bench and earns a point. If the hitter falls off his board he is out.

The Catcher attempts to catch the ball, leaving the mound at a run in most cases. When he catches it, he throws it to the pole guard closest to the hitter. Pole guards may throw the ball back and forth between them. The Slammer races after the hitter attempting to tackle him.

The Hitter must run to a pole. If a pole guard touches the hitter with the ball prior to his touching the pole the hitter is out. If the hitter gets tackled he is out. Assuming he makes it to the pole his team gains a point.

Each team takes the field 9 times and play continues for each until they score 3 outs on the opposing team. Every player takes turns being the hitter. Batting orders are chosen randomly by computer prior to game play.

Each team is allowed to have two alternates that can be used to replaced exhausted players and or injured ones.


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