Carraya IV

Carraya IV was a planet near Romulan space, located in the Carraya system. It was also home to the arboreal needle snake.

Klingon survivors from the Khitomer Massacre were brought to a prison camp here following the battle, and eventually learned to live in peace with their Romulan captors. The planet contains several lush jungle areas, and was not heavily fortified apart from a few Romulan soldiers. Supply ships make regular stops at the world.

The colony was kept secret for many years but during the Empire War, the true purpose of the planet came to light. To further complicate things, it was revealed that Commander Worf of Starfleet had been to the planet in the past and knew of it. He was brought up on charges and nearly imprisoned himself for keeping such a secret.

Today the planet is a tourest resort for exotic hunters and botonists.

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Carraya IV

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