Career Overlay

Note that the following list may not yet be complete:


Aes Sedai

  • Aes Sedai: Blue Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: Brown Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: Gray Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: Green Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: Red Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: White Ajah
  • Aes Sedai: Yellow Ajah
  • Black Ajah (Taken in conjunction with one of the Ajahs above)
  • Warder (+54)


Am Tal Agent (Andorian)

Andorian Defense Force (Andorian)

  • ADF: Am Tal Field Agent
  • ADF: Command
  • ADF: Communications
  • ADF: Helm/Navigation
  • ADF: Engineer
  • ADF: Medical
  • ADF: Security


Artist (Andorian)


Astronomer (Andorian)

Bar Owner/Host

Bounty Hunter

BSB Agent (Bolian)


Bureaucrat (Cardassian)

Cardassian Military (Cardassian)

  • Cardassian Military Intelligence
  • Cardassian Military Medical
  • Cardassian Military Operations
  • Cardassian Military Pilot
  • Cardassian Military Sciences
  • Cardassian Military Security
  • Cardassian Military Tactical

Cardassian Navy (Cardassian)

  • Cardassian Naval Command
  • Cardassian Naval Engineer (+54)

Celebrity: Actor

Celebrity: Model

Celebrity: Musician

Celebrity: Porn Star

Celebrity: Scientist

Celebrity: War Hero

Chaka Force (Andorian)

  • Chaka Force: Enlisted
  • Chaka Force: Officers

Colonial Administrator/Governor


Combat Engineer


Commercial Telepath



Courtesan: Escort

Dabo Girl


Diplomat (Andorian)

Diplomat (Cardassian)

Diplomat (Romulan)



Duelist (Andorian)


Evoker (Betazoid)

Federation Intelligence Service

  • FIS: Agent
  • FIS: Counter-Terrorist Agent
  • FIS: Undercover Agent

Federation Interstellar Police Agency

  • FIPA: Agent
  • FIPA: Detective

The Federation Peace Corps

  • FPC: General Volunteer
  • FPC: Specialist: Agriculturalist
  • FPC: Specialist: Engineer
  • FPC: Specialist: Medical
  • FPC: Specialist: Teacher

Force Adept


General Laborer

Hunter (Andorian)

Imperial Army

  • Imperial Army: Officer
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Line)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Heavy Weapons)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Sharpshooter)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Engineering)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Repulsorlift)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Scout)
  • Imperial Army: Soldier (Armor/Artillery)

Imperial Navy

  • Imperial Navy
  • Imperial Navy: Commando
  • Imperial Navy: Gunner
  • Imperial Navy: Marine
  • Imperial Navy: Officer
  • Imperial Navy: Pilot

Imperial Peacekeepers

  • Imperial Peacekeeper
  • Imperial Peacekeeper: Counter-Terrorist Agent
  • Imperial Peacekeeper: Investigator
  • Imperial Peacekeeper: Intelligence Officer
  • Imperial Peacekeeper: Undercover Agent

Imperial Stormtroopers

  • Imperial Stormtrooper
  • Imperial Stormtrooper: Combat Engineer
  • Imperial Stormtrooper: Medic
  • Imperial Stormtrooper: NCO
  • Imperial Stormtrooper: Officer
  • Imperial Stormtrooper: Scout Trooper

Intercessor (Romulan)

Jal Shey Advisor

Jedi Order

  • Jedi Archivist
  • Jedi Consular
  • Jedi Guardian
  • Jedi Healer
  • Jedi Sentinel
  • Jedi Shadow
  • Jedi Watchman
  • Dark Jedi (Taken in conjunction with one of the Jedi Overlays above)

Jensaarai Defender

Keth’ras (Andorian)

Kzinti Navy

  • Kzinti Captain
  • Kzinti Crewman
  • Kzinti Telepath

Law Enforcer


Legal Profession (Cardassian)

Liquidator (Ferengi)


Martial Artist

Martial Artist: Adept

Matukai Adept


  • Merchant
  • Merchant: Free Trader
  • Merchant: Freighter Captain
  • Merchant: Trader

Merchant (Andorian)

Merchant (Cardassian)

Merchant (Romulan)

Merchant Marines

  • Merchant Marine: Engineer
  • Merchant MArine: Flight Control Officer
  • Merchant Marine: Security


Mystic (Bajoran)

Obsidian Order (Cardassian)

  • Obsidian Order Assassin
  • Obsidian Order Spy

Pa’u Seeker (Delvian)


Pirate: Raider

Pirate: Smuggler


Politician: Diplomat




  • Prostitute
  • Prostitute: Brothel Worker
  • Prostitute: Callgirl/Escort
  • Prostitution: Madam/Manager
  • Prostitution: Pimp

Psion (Romulan)

Psionic Master

Rebel Commando

Rebel Soldier

Rebel Spy


Reporter: Journalist

Resort Administrator



Romulan Military (Romulan)

  • Command
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Operations
  • Science
  • Security
  • Tactical
  • Tal Diann (Military Intelligence)


Scientist (Cardassian)

Scientist (Romulan)


Senatorial Aide (Romulan)

Sith Order

  • Emperor’s Hand
  • Inquisitorious
  • Sith Warrior
  • Sith Assassin
  • Sith Marauder
  • Sith Acolyte




Stalker Teams (Lyran)

  • Stalker Team: Fixer
  • Stalker Team: Leader
  • Stalker Team: Mother
  • Stalker Team: Slasher
  • Stalker Team: Spotter
  • Stalker Team: Thinker


  • Starfleet: Command
    • Starfleet: Command: Academy Instructor
    • Starfleet: Command: First Contact Specialist
    • Starfleet: Command: Steward
    • Starfleet: Command: Yeoman
    • Starfleet: Command: Strategic Ops Officer
  • Starfleet: Diplomatic Officer
  • Starfleet: Intelligence
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: CID Agent
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Jag Officer
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Ranger
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Section 13
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Section 16 Research Engineer
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Section 16 Medical Research
    • Starfleet: Intelligence: Section 31
  • Starfleet: Medical
    • Starfleet: Medical: Chaplain
    • Starfleet: Medical: Corpsman
    • Starfleet: Medical: Counselor
    • Starfleet: Medical: Nurse
  • Starfleet: Operations
    • Starfleet: Operations: Assembly Specialist
    • Starfleet: Operations: Chief of Operations
    • Starfleet: Operations: Communications
    • Starfleet: Operations: Engineering
    • Starfleet: Operations: Flight Control
    • Starfleet: Operations: Materials Officer
    • Starfleet: Operations: Theoretical Engineer
  • Starfleet: Science
    • Starfleet: Science: Language Specialist
  • Starfleet: Strategic Operations
    • Starfleet: Strategic Operations: Strategist

Starfleet Marine Corps

  • SFMC: Commandant
  • SFMC: Infantry
  • SFMC: Rapid Response Team: Command
  • SFMC: Rapid Response Team: Medic
  • SFMC: Rapid Response Team: Operations
  • SFMC: Rapid Response Team: Pilot
  • SFMC: Rapid Response Team: Sniper
  • SFMC: Security
    • SFMC: Security: Body Guard
    • SFMC: Security: Brig Officer
  • SFMC: Specialist: Close Quarters Combat Expert
  • SFMC: Specialist: Demolitions
  • SFMC: Specialist: Engineer
  • SFMC: Specialist: Field Scientist
  • SFMC: Super Soldier Program
  • SFMC: Tactical

Starfleet Pilot Corps

  • SFPC: Flight Deck Officer
  • SFPC: Pilot: Fighter
  • SFPC: Pilot: Scout
  • SFPC: Pilot: Shuttle/Runabout Pilot

Symbiont Guardian (Trill)


  • Syndicate: Boss
  • Syndicate: Cleaner
  • Syndicate: Enforcer
  • Syndicate: Pirate
  • Syndicate: Pusher

Tal Shiar Agent (Romulan)


Thief: Professional

Trachka (Andorian)

  • Trachka Pilot
  • Trachka Trooper

V’Shar Agent (Vulcan)

Valgral (Andorian)


Warrior (Klingon)

Zeison Sha Adept

Career Overlay

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