Cardassian Mythology

The early Hebitian people were deeply religious but the ages of hardship on Cardassia would shift the Cardassian people to more militaristic and expansionist views in order to survive. As such, the concept of religious beliefs were replaced with a patriotic duty in the state itself which results in many Cardassians being very loyal to their government which is seen as being omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent.

According to Cardassian beliefs, their race was raised to sentience from the swamps of Cardassia by their creators who watched over Ailam and Neroon; the first Cardassians. The Cardassians were gifted with both sentience and a soul by the creators who gave the race the umbilicus which marked their foreheads. Post-Oralian religion practiced the worship of the helmeted Galor. A type of demonic deity that symbolized power. This mythological, warrior being also inspired Cardassia Prime to launch the vessel class with the same name. Its shape, depicted in the hull form, with the insignia carrying the likeness, as well.

Religion was a rare thing with the Cardassian government with suppression of certain groups such as the Oralian Way. After First Contact with the Bajoran race, the Oralian Way was exterminated though fragments of it continued to exist secretly in their society. Following the collapse of the Cardassian Union in 2376, such suppression began to be lifted and the Oralian way began to grow in popularity.

The Mogrund was a creature in Cardassian mythology.

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Cardassian Mythology

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