One of the poorer worlds in the Empire. Cadavus fell into Decados’ hands during the Emperor Wars. The Decados are only the most recent rulers of this planet: almost every faction of note in the last 2000 years has had an interest in it at one point or another. While the planet has little in the way of industry, mining or agriculture now, it still remains a center for a number of religious groups, whose monasteries maintain records dating back to the beginning of space exploration.

The Decados are blessed with possession of Cadavus, arguably the poorest planet in the Empire. Decados forces seized Cadavus during the Emperor Wars, seeking a cell of anti-Decados terrorists, and no one wanted the planet back. In time, the house began to wonder why it kept the planet, because its resources are almost depleted. Still, the Decados obviously have something to eke out of the planet, or they would have abandoned it long ago.

Cadavus also has the distinction of having been home to almost every known (and maybe even unknown) faction within the Empire. Prior to Decados rulership, it was owned by the Merchant League, which had used it as a major shipping Port – a remnant from the days when Cadavus still had resources and reasons for ships to stop there. The most visible reminder of previous ownership is seen in the proliferation of monasteries that dot the surface. Representatives of almost every religious group, major and minor, can be found here, and rumors of a Sathraist monastery still persist. Some of these monasteries date back to the planet’s early colonisation, and their records are filled with rich details about the history of spacefaring, bringing many scholars to the planet. There is a Xanthippe Moonhaven on the largest of Cadavus’s two moons.

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