Black Blood Syndrome

Black Blood Syndrome causes physical and mental corruption. It is a vile disease that is carried in the blood and transmitted by contact with bodily fluids. Once infected there is no known cure. Those who possess Force Sensitivity have called this disease the Dark Side Infection.

Once the disease makes contact with an individual it quickly attacks the red blood cells, nervous system, and brain. As the disease develops the person afflicted begins to show mental and physical signs of corruption. Their skin will become very warm to the touch as they run a high fever. They eyes become bloodshot (red at first but soon turning black). They begin to look palid and their hair becomes greasy. A slight cucumber odor has been noted when entering an area with an infected person. They can become short-tempered and highly paranoid. In the end the disease will completely overcome the person, turning them into a psichotic killer or causing death. It has been noted that the more vile elements of society seem to thrive when exposed to this disease and the honorable and good natured are destroyed by it.

Stage 2 Infection

First Degree: Passive Infection

No mental symptoms are noticed during the first 24 hours. The person will complain of being cold and will run a fever. They may also complain of headaches. People who have any Dark Side Dice suffer from this degree for only one hour before moving on to the Second Degree.

-1 Vitality, -1 Coordination

Second Degree: Active Infection

During the second 24 hours the person will develop bloodshot eyes and possibly a nose bleed. They will be quick to anger and they will seek isolation from others. People with any Dark Side Dice suffer from the second degree of this illness for only one hour before moving on to the Third Degree.

-1 Vitality, -1 Coordination, -2 Empathy, Blood Lust, Battle Rage, Bad Temper, Paranoia

Stage 3 Infection

Third Degree: Deadly Infection

Sometime during the 3rd or 4th day of suffering from the disease the vicim will develop black blood. They will have completely succumbed to the disease and will seek to cause harm, pain, and injury to any living beings they encounter. Death occurs within 96 hours of reaching this stage. People with any Dark Side Dice do not die from this disease. Instead they gain an additional Dark Side Die per day they survive until they have 5, at which point they begin to spontaneously develop Force powers.

+2 Fitness, +2 Strength, +2 Coordination, -2 Empathy, +2 Force, Blood Lust, Battle Rage, Bad Temper, Paranoia, High Pain Threshold, Sadistic, Cruel

Note: The illness effects are not cumulative.

Stage 3 Infection just prior to death

Black Blood Syndrome

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