Baniks are humanoid bipeds, ranging from 1.6 to 1.9 meters in height and fifty to seventy kilograms in weight. Their normal lifespan averages about 100 cycles, but due to the harsh conditions under which most live, few come close to this average. Their hair is almost always light in color, ranging from light brown to blonde, and is usually short on males of the species. Skin is typically pale – only a few Baniks have skin darker than the Sebacean norm. Their physical body is only a molecular creation that enables them to hold a tangible form; it is a mere vessel for their true, incorporeal selves.

A few Baniks, known as Stykari, have a rift in their body, through which appears an ethereal glow. This ‘opening’ is actually a rift that allows the Banik’s true, non-corporeal nature to show through their physical form. It allows the Stykari to share thoughts with others, calm a mind in pain, or help a dying person to pass on peacefully. Most Stykari cover such openings, for if they reveal it without proper preparation, they may accidentally discharge their spiritual energy. While this dispersal does not always kill the Stykari, few have the willpower to recover from it.

Banik children are first conceived in a non-corporeal realm by their parents’ energies. In this plane they develop basic skills and learn to control their form. After a cycle, the children materialize in a molecular vessel with the assistance of their parents. In this vessel they live out their corporeal lives.

Background: Seemingly a subdued race in captivity, free Baniks have proven very adaptable and creative. Most see life as a gift and take great pleasure in it, deriving joy from each arn. They even endure suffering with high spirits. Baniks have a strong psychic nature that makes them particularly adept as mystics and priests.

Baniks tend to have a high degree of racial loyalty and express great sympathy to each other. They are also keenly aware of the suffering of others and use what they know to reduce such pain the best they can. A race filled with noble ideals and kind hearts, most want little more than freedom for their race, a new homeworld, and long life filled with peace. They profess no desire to seek retribution for their enslavement at the hands of other races.

Personality: Baniks are often quiet and introspective, but curious. They tend to be creative problem solvers. Most Baniks abhor violence, but when there are no other reasonable alternatives, they willingly adopt whatever form of conflict is required.

Banik Species Template
  • Fitness 2(5)
  • Coordination 2(5)
  • Intellect 2(5)
  • Presence 2(6)
    • Empathy +1
    • Willpower +1
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 2(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture: Banik 2(3)
  • History: Banik 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Banik’ra or Other Homeworld 1(2)
  • Artistic Expression: Any 1(2)
  • Engineering: Material 2(3)
  • Any Force skill 1(2)
  • Any other Force skill 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Banik(Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Curious (+1)
  • Innovative (+1)
  • Strong Will (+2)
  • Hides Emotion (-2)
  • Pacifism: Self-Defense (-3)
  • Social Stigma: Subjugated (-3)

New Background: Stykari (+10)

  • Empathy 1(2)
  • Telepathy 1(2)
  • Transfer Force 1(2)
  • Unusual Feature: Rift (+1)


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