Note that this list may not yet be finished:


Amateur Prostitute

Andorian Academy of the Arts

Artistic Study

Assassin Apprenticeship

Assassin College (Flaxian)

Big Game Hunter/Tracker

Bene Geserit Mentorship

Bureaucratic Training

Colonial Administration/Colony

Colonial Leader

Colonial Support

Colonial Pilot

Computer Crime

Con Artist

Con Artist Apprenticeship

Corporate Espionage Agent (Ferengi)


Courtesan Mentorship

Criminal Apprenticeship

Cryotube Survivor from the Distant Past

Diplomatic School

Diplomatic/Political Training

Disaster Survivor

Drug Addict

Dueling Student (Andorian)

Economic Studies

Engineering Training

Entertainment Manager/Agent (Ferengi)


Exploration Training (Andorian)

Exploration Training (Vulcan)

Failed Trill Initiate

Fashion Model


Flaxian Assassination College

Freelance Medical Practitioner (Ferengi)

Frontier Doctor

Frontier Scout (Ferengi)


Futures Exchange/Stock Market Speculator (Ferengi)

Gambler’s Life

Government Assassin

Guerrilla/Resistance Fighter/Terrorist

High-Class Callgirl/Concubine/Companion Training

Higher Education

Holosuite Addict


Hot Shot Pilot

House Manager

Intelligence Agency Washout

Intelligence Training

Initiate: Psychic

Initiate: Force

Initiate: Mystic

Klingon Household

  • House of Chang
  • House of Daa’maq
  • House of Ka’Kor
  • House of Kang
  • House of Kozak
  • House of Krotmag
  • House of Martok
  • House of Sa’kal
  • House of Toghuss
  • House of Voss
  • Houseless

Kolinahr (Vulcan)

Law Enforcement Training

Law School



  • Maquis: Cell Leader
  • Maquis: Commando
  • Maquis: Intelligence
  • Maquis: Recruiter
  • Maquis: Scrounger
  • Maquis: Starship Crew

Medical University

Mentat Training

Mentat Training: Swordsman

Mercantile Apprentice/Assistant

Military Academy

Military Administration

Military/Militia Training

Monk: Monastic

Monk: Warrior



Novitiate (Vulcan)

Personal Confidante

Pirate Crew

Pirate Crew (Alternate)

Porn Star

Private Sector Scientist (Ferengi)

Prison Education

Professional Prostitute

Prostitute Mentorship

Psi: Counselor/Psychologist

Psi: Cop

Psi: Negotiator

Psi: Scientist

Psi: Spy

Psionic Training (Vulcan)

Religious Training

War College (Romulan)

  • Advanced Engineering Research
  • Advanced Strategic Command School
  • Advanced Warbird Tactical Combat Training
  • Elite Unit Training
  • Exploration Training
  • Intelligence Training

Slave: Pit Fighter

Slave: Sex Toy


Sports: Professional Player

Starfleet Academy

  • FIPA
    • FIPA: Academy Life History
    • FIPA: Counterintelligence
    • FIPA: Criminal Profiling
    • FIPA: Crime Scene Investigation
    • FIPA: Hostage Rescue Team
    • FIPA: Negotiator
  • Starfleet Academy
    • SFA: Advanced Flight Certification
    • SFA: Advanced Historical Training
    • SFA: Advanced Intelligence
    • SFA: Advanced Research Engineering
    • SFA: Advanced Tactical School
    • SFA: Advanced Temporal Engineering
    • SFA: Armed Response Team Training
    • SFA: Artistic Study
    • SFA: Colonization School
    • SFA: Diplomatic Training
    • SFA: Dominion Tactical Counteraction
    • SFA: Elite Unit Training
    • SFA: EVA Training
    • SFA: Exploration Training
    • SFA: Fighter Pilot Training
    • SFA: First Contact Training
    • SFA: Intelligence Training
    • SFA: Intensive Theoretical Science Program
    • SFA: Medical Academy
    • SFA: Ranger Training
    • SFA: Science Program
    • SFA: Section 13
    • SFA: Sharpshooter
    • SFA: Specialist (Racial) Program
    • SFA: Sports Program
    • SFA: Strategic Command School
    • SFA: Strategic Eng. Corps Training
    • SFA: Survival Course
    • SFA: System Development
    • SFA: Tactical Combat Training
    • SFA: Trachka Training

Starfleet Academy Washout

Street Learning

Super Soldier Program

Thief Apprenticeship

Trade Apprenticeship

Trill Symbiosis Commission Initiate

Underworld Life (Andorian)

V’Shar Training (Vulcan)

Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts (Vulcan)

Vulcan Medical Academy (Vulcan)

Vulcan Psionic Institute

Vulcan School of Diplomacy (Vulcan)

Vulcan Science Academy (Vulcan)

Vulcan Science Directorate (Vulcan)

War Security

Waste of Flesh

Yoshitoni Institute


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