Axe Gang

The Axe Gang is led by Brother Sum. Two crossed axes forming an ‘X’ can be seen as their recognizable logo in in their terratories, which many, if not all, members have tattooed on their bodies somewhere, visible or otherwise. In addition to this the gang is made up mostly of Humans who are decendants of the original abductees brought to Xebec’s Demise. They follow the cult of Xebec and fly the ancient American flag which also hangs in all of their establishments. The members of the gang that belong to the Cult of Xebec wear top hats just like the one that Xebec supposedly wore.

Brother Sum is a bioengineered human that was sentenced to the colony for piracy. He saw the Cult of Xebec as a perfect fit for his beliefs and joined. Through personal duels he quickly rose to become leader of the gang. His vanity is well known as is his sadism.

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Axe Gang

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