Bloodsuckers from Severus, the carapaced but humanoid Ascorbites had little time to develop a civilization of their own before humans arrived and relegated them to the status of primitives and savages. They have since lived up to these designations, refusing to live in cities and running wild in the jungles of Severus.

Some claim, however, that they have villages deep in the wilderness, and have developed strange psychic powers, plotting to use these against humans.

Example Names: Van-Keel, H’Chur’ff, Ka’bchta, H’pt’zom

Ascorbite Species Template
  • Fitness 2(5)
    • Vitality +1
  • Coordination 3(5)
  • Intellect 1(5)
    • Perception +1
  • Presence 2(5)
    • Willpower +1
  • Psi 1(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(1)
  • Culture, Ascorbite 2(3)
  • History, Ascorbite 1(2)
  • World Knowledge, Severus 1(2)
  • Planetside Survival (Severus) 2(3)
  • Tracking 1(2)
  • Hivemind 1
    • Similar to Projective Telepathy, this allows psychic Ascorbites to communicate telepathically with one another, projecting thoughts and receiving the projected thoughts of others. Emotions can also be projected or felt, but this power does not allow the psychic to force others to think or feel in any particular way. It operates line-of-sight only; its range cannot be extended. This power only operates with other psychic Ascorbites; the other psionic powers must be used to gain those effects against non-Ascorbites or non-psychic Ascorbites.
  • Mind Shield 1
Typical Traits
  • Language: Ascorbite (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Adaptability (+3)
    • Ascorbites gain immunity to any toxin or disease which they survive; this trait is passed on to offspring
  • Double Jointed (+2)
  • Far Leap (+2)
    • Vertical jump: 1m + 1m per success level; Horizontal jump: 4m + 1m per success level
  • Natural Armor 5 (+2)
  • Bloodsucker (-3)
    • Strict diet of blood, cannot eat meat or vegetables
  • Fixed Development (-6)
    • Once an adult, Ascorbites must pay twice the experience points to advance

Note: Unless playing in an all-Ascorbite campaign it should be assumed that any Ascorbite player character has been either severed from his original hive-mind or joined human society while still in the Tan’zhom stage. Ascorbites that still identify with their kin on Severus, even the barely tolerant Mi’tlazh, are not appropriate as player characters. Such disconnection can occur by a variety of means, and the player should choose one of them when the character is created:

  • Damage to the antennae
  • Damage to the abdominal resonator
  • Raised by humans
  • Raised alone in the jungle – these are the only individualistic Ascorbites who are tolerated by the species at large, and that is not by much
  • Prolonged separation from other Ascorbites (a year or more)

New Equipment: Arbat’a (Crystal Sword)

  • TL 2
  • Cost: 9 Benefice/1000 firebirds

This amazing weapon is made from a unique crystalline substance found only in deep underground grottos on Severus, places no human has ever been. The crystal flows in a near liquid form in small streams, ‘bleeding’ from gashes chipped into hard crystal rocks by the Ascorbite swordmakers. In this form it can be shaped. Once exposed to light, it hardens to near-diamondlike consistency. Only a few, deep jungle Ascorbites are taught about the making of the swords and even about the location of the crystal streams.

Besides their sharpness, the swords have another interesting feature: when struck against a stone surface, they will briefly vibrate at a high frequency. The sound is beyond human and Ascorbite hearing range, but the vibrating crystal will cut through objects better. The effect will last for only three turns, after which the sword can be struck again for further effect.

The crystal streams are very rare; fewer and fewer swords are made these days. Old lore states that the vibrating of many such Arbat’a in unison will call forth the Somta Vosht’i.

  • Length: 700mm
  • Mass: 1200g
  • Difficulty: 7
  • Block: +1
  • Damage (Normal) 4+2d
  • Damage (Vibrating) 7+2d, Ignores 2 points of Armor


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