The AK’s are the largest and most dangerous gang in Xebec’s Demise. The gang is made up of mostly Romulan and Orion toughs. They control the city center as well as the central government. All other gangs pay tribute to the AK’s at the annual Celestial Festival.

One interesting note is that as part of thier control they regulate the number of gangs allowed in the city. Currently they only allow twenty gangs other than themselves. Any others that form must be integrated into an existing gang or they get hunted down and killed.

The current leader of a Romulan who was a former captain of a battle cruiser. Tal Shuresh is an imposing man who is also a powerful psychic. 40 of elite unit, the En’sharif Kalike’ (Dogs of War) were sentenced with him and now serve as his personal bodyguards and enforcers. He despises Klingons but recognizes that in order to remain in control of the city he must allow them to exist. The AK’s maintain much of their control because they possess 117 of the 130 disrupters on the entire planet.

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