Alyr's Personal log - Episode 35

As I stepped through the strange blue door I winced not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, it looked a little like an engineering bay of a space station. I already knew it would be bigger inside than outside and figured it was some sort of dimensional pocket of sorts. Yes, I do read a little.

The Doctor gave us a quick tour of the “bridge” and promptly told us not to touch anything. He pushed some stuff, twisted a few other things, and pulled a lever. That grinding sound started up and we were off.

I asked him where we were going and he said we weren’t going anywhere. Puzzled, I asked him to explain. Oh hell, it went a little like this…

Me: “So Doctor, where are we off to in this interesting blue box of yours?”

Doctor: “TARDIS.”

Me: “Where is this Tardis.”

Doctor: “Oh, you’re standing in it.”

Me: “Ok, we’re off to the place I’m standing in.”

Doctor: “No, of course not. You are standing in the TARDIS.” His hands spread wide as he turns around. “And it’s more correct to ask when are we going?”

Me: “Right. This box is a TARDIS. Got it. So… When are we going?”

Doctor: “About ten seconds ago.”

Me: Loud facepalm. “Are you frelling with me!? Look…”

Griz (older guy): Stepped in between us and cut me off. “We are staying in the same spot but we are going back through time.”

Doctor: “Griz, you ruin all my fun. You know that?”

Me: “Wait, back in time? Really?”

Becky: “Far out.”

Doctor: “Quite. The TARDIS is a time machine… spaceship… house… thing. It’s all too complicated to explain in the time we have. You’ll just have to trust me.”

Me: “Really? You’d think a cat with his own time machine would have plenty of the stuff.”

Doctor: “Yes, you would. But it’s the one thing I never seem to have enough of. Pity.

K-9: “Doctor, we have arrived.”

Doctor: “Alright we’re there, everybody out.”

We stepped out of the TARDIS into a clearing surrounded by a plush forest. The sky was beautiful and there was what looked like two suns in the sky. That weird cat did it. The second sun was actually the diamond moon. This was the same planet, only before the Hynerians wasted it.

The Doctor said that I needed time to learn a few things if I were to succeed in my future endeavors. He went on to say that Barty was cheating which required him to step in and balance the scales. He said that he would be back in six months our time and would drop us back off a few minutes after we had left.

He turned to me and Pia-Zu and said that he was terribly sorry but he had to go “tick tock, tick tock.” He then turned to Beck and extended his hand. “Nothing for you here love. Why don’t you join me for a bit and see some amazing things.”

She looked at me with obvious conflict in her eyes. I knew the score and I told her to go. This guy would show her a great many things. If she stayed here she’d be bored to tears. I had to hand it to that cat, he was a frelling smooth dude. Can’t tell you how many times I had pulled that routine. Without the time machine of course. But pimpin’ is pimpin’ and at that moment the Doctor was in.

For the next few months Pai-Zu trained me in the ways of Air Bending. I was surprised as it came rather natural. Pai-Zu said that this world was ripe with Essence and that the Doctor probably knew that.

What I hadn’t expected was Pai-Zu’s martial arts abilities and what he had in store for me. Turns out, he’s a master of something very similar to Kung Fu. Each day began with two solid hours of exercise to include calisthenics, lifting, running, jumping, climbing and swimming. This was followed up with lunch and then three hours of bending. We then capped the day off with two hours of sparing. Oh wait, he capped the day off with two hours of sparring. I still had to hunt/gather and cook dinner. By the end of each day, I was beat. I have never slept so good.

About a week before the doctor was due to arrive Piai-Zu had a quest for me. He had been looking through my PADD and told me that he had seen a ruined temple not far from our camp in the survey maps I had downloaded on Crescent Station. He wanted me to see if it had been built yet and if so, to return with a souvenir from the temple. The catch, I wasn’t allowed to kill anyone in the process.

I left early the next morning and traveled for two days before I came upon it. It was there, large as life and heavily populated by an ancient Humanoid race. I managed to avoid detection and watched them for the remainder of the afternoon. After the sun set, the moon still twinkled fairly bright but it moved across the sky so fast that within a few hours it was over the horizon. That’s when I slipped in and took out one of the sentries. I took his form and clothing and moved in. Utilizing my abilities I was easily able to slip inside. There wasn’t much to the inside; mainly just a staircase that went up. I went to the top.

At the top I was taken by surprise by a warrior/priest. He must have seen me coming and let me get to him because he was ready to fight. I won’t go into the fight but it was brutal. Not being allowed to kill this guy made it hard for me to win but I managed to pull it off. Unfortunately he wasn’t playing by the same rules and I took a beating in the process. I snagged his necklace and leapt for the tree line. I made my way back but it took four days as I was injured and managed to get a little lost.

Pia-Zu congratulated me and told me that I was now ready. He had taught me enough for now. It was time to go use my abilities and return to his teachings after I was a little seasoned in using them. I rested for the next week and Pia-Zu actually fed me and cared for my wounds.

By the time the Doctor showed up, I was right as rain.

We went inside and shot back through time. And son of a bitch if he wasn’t right on the money. Our fire was still going and there was hot coffee waiting for us.

Becky was changed however. She had a look in her eyes that I had never seen in her. She was somehow more relaxed; more confident. Hell, I’m sure exactly how to explain it. She had seen some dren and gone through some crazy adventuring with that Doctor cat and for a minute there I thought I had lost her to him.

He congratulated me on my training, pointing to the necklace I had taken to wearing. I had no idea how he knew about that but I wasn’t going to ask. He told me to keep it close as it would help me in the time to come. He also told me not to trust Barty even though I would want to, “Don’t listen to him, he’s not what you think, he’s dangerous.”

He then gave Becky a hug, looked into her eyes for a long moment, and then started back into his TARDIS. I looked at Becky and she just smiled. She was saying goodbye to the Doctor and had chosen to stay with us.

Just as he was shutting the door he pointed at me. “Good luck, you’ll need it.” And he winked. Son of a bitch I thought, how did he know about all that?

We headed back up to Crescent Station, picked up some supplies, and set course for the Casino. Hopefully, the team was still there and I could get in on some of the action. Little did I know what was in store for yours truly.

Alyr's Personal log - Episode 35

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