Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 3

What the Bloody Hell

This has to be my craziest entry to date. I can barely believe the events of the past couple days.

I woke up the other day and did my ritual: jerk, shower, shave. I headed out to the bar to start my day and noticed that KATE was at the bar talking to Jacen. Apparently she can move around the entire facility now.

I was sitting there eating yet another horrible breakfast when in walks the Sheriff. He demands that we turn over the wookie or else. We all knew how that was going to go down and we had to support our brother Karr. Jacen and I made a quick plan; he would enguage the sheriff in conversation while Thuku and I flanked him. We would blast him with disrupters and while he was distracted Jacen would put the robo whammie on him. To my surprise it worked exactly as planned. They drug the Sheriff downstairs and KATE reprogrammed him to follow Karr’s orders.

Word must have gotten out because a little later on the bar was packed like never before. I got back on the tables and started making some cash.

That evening an Orion woman came in with a baby and claimed it to be hers and Karr’s. She left it with him and right after she left it burst into flames and exploded. That evil bitch planted a bomb in Karr’s baby. I have seen some frelled up dren but this simply took the cake.

Karr survived and awoke a few moments later. He was beyond pissed and we headed out to find her and get some payback. We managed to track her into the AK’s territory where we encountered 6 drenheads messing with some girl. Jacen confronted them and a fight broke out. I smoked three of them before they could even get their guns out. Tarak and Karr each got a kill. Jacen took out the last cat but let him live. The trial let into the AK’s castle so we decided to drop our search for now.

One of those freak ammonia storms hit and we ducked into a bar and to get some cover. The place was a bit of a dive but at least they had some Kanar. My and the new girl, Alizibeth, started hitting it off. Looked like Jacen was interested but his game is weak and she wasn’t buying it. I was hitting on her but I wasn’t really trying that hard. She was lapping it up though. Sometimes I can be a real frellhead. I gotta’ work on that. Karma is a real motherfreller you know. Just as I was putting the Alyr whammie on her the frelling roof caved in on me. Just me! Could have been Jacen using some of his sith mojo to drop it on me. Wouldn’t put it past one of those evil bastards but then again could just be the luck I borrowed catching up on me. I’ll continue to keep an eye on him…

I was badly injured but the fellas helped me make it back to the Vulcan. I was in the infirmary for a little bit. Alizibeth tended to me the entire time. I think she really likes me. I like her too, maybe I won’t screw this up. Maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

So there I was, all fresh and healed and was getting ready to head up to get a shower and maybe some more crappy food when disaster hit. The AKs were upstairs with Tarak and it wasn’t to thank him for all the good times. The freako Gunner had come with a dren-ton of boys. He was looking for retribution for the six guys we dusted and for the sheriff. Turned out some little piggy had be squealing. He gave his terms and we negotiated…

The fighting was fierce. Jacen chopped off Gunner’s head and ended the myth of the unkillable man. I was blasting away and took cover behind the bar. The frellhole Spirt turned and blasted at me with both barrels of a shotgun. Stupid Vulcan fired too soon and didn’t lead me enough. All he hit was open air and bartop. Just then Tarak came over the bar and dropped him.

I grabbed a bottle of that flaming crap and tossed it into the crowd. Just as it reached its apex I hit it with a thermal blast from my disrupter. Whoosh, a bunch of dudes burst into flames. Just then, I found out why Tarak came over the bar. A photon grenade went off and wiped out the rest.

As the smoke started to clear Tarak threw Spirt over the bar and took him. That’ll teach that pointy eared bastard.

We were rummaging through the bodies when there was a reality shift. I won’t go into the details because it’s not really important. What is important is that one of the Q decided to take an interest into us, which cannot be good. When we returned to our reality it was a week later, which is today. Much has happened and as soon as I shut this down I’m going to go check it out. All I know is that war is in the air and I have a feeling we’re going to be right in the center of the whole mess.

End log…

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 3

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