Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 14

We were in the temple when we received a message from the Heart of Gold. The message was desperate and Kylee was practically screaming into the communicator. The ship was under attack by some type of swarm. We beamed up immediately.

The ship was in total chaos and under attack by some form of mutated evil tribbles. The crew was all but wiped out with only pockets of survivors and the captain was still sequestered in his room. Kylee informed me that the power was nearly depleated due to the damaged wreaked by the tribbles and the fact that Rexar had jettisoned the warp core, apparently along with himself through the hull of the ship. How he even managed to do that is beyond me. Because of that, their was no way to fix it without a tech crew working for several days.

I contacted the other ship with the hopes of beaming aboard and fighting the infestation from there but found that it had been overrun as well. We managed to get the core into place enough to restore some power but this barely allowed us to stabilize our orbit.

We were frelled proper but it was about to get worse. Those things were still around and were getting hungry again. Thuku was calling for help and was running low on ammo. The captain finally made contact and joined us on the deck. He had no idea this was all going on and was a bit shocked to put it mildly.

We asked Kate what she made of this and it turned out that these were one of her experiments gone awry. She had been infusing BBS into tribbles and making killer sith-tribbles. She asked us to get samples so that she’d be able generate some sort of poison to stop them. We said no and instead decided to beam everyone to the surface and flood the ship with plasma. Karr beamed down everyone but us. I don’t remember where he came from but Darth Stryfe appeared on screen and opened up with a photon torpedo. It missed and hit the science vessel, sending it into a quickly decaying orbit. Then he fired again. No shields, no phasers to shoot it, and no real power to go to evasive, I did the only thing I could and activated emergency transporters and beamed everyone to the surface. We didn’t see it but that torpedo did the same to the Heart of Gold.

Pissed, I called that frellhead up and managed to goat him into attacking us planet-side. He did and landed where the rest of our crew was. I flew their as fast as I could using my wire-fu ability. By the time I arrived, Stryfe was a burned husk and everyone else, minus Thuku, were fairly burned up. Dora had already been killed by Stryfe’s lightsaber. She went out a true warrior. We found his communicator and got everyone up to his ship. Using his transporter we managed to salvage what we could from the Heart of Gold and finished her off.

Another ship showed up and captured Jacen. I could three of their guys off guard and jumped one of them as they were beaming out. I quick drew and burned the transporter tech. As they drew for their weapons, I smoked two of the guys that I beamed up with and cold cocked the one I was still hanging on.

Feeling like I was the dren, I decided to take the ship all by myself. I beamed to the bridge. Now if I had taken even a second to think this through I would have thought about the fact that they had a transporter pad big enough to handle six people so their ship was most likey of considerable size. Ah well, we all make mistakes right? So there I was with my gun pointed at the captain, and the thirty other members of the well armed bridge crew. Frell.

I was not in a good spot so I cranked my disrupter to full and shot at the view screen. My gamble worked, the haul breached and I leapt into space (that and the explosive decompression). They must have been in a bad way because they imediately warped out. I was in my space suit still so I was fine. I called the ship and they beamed me aboard.

We decided to give chase in an attempt to recue Jacen. I doubt we will be able to do much but we must at least try. After that, I plan to leave the group and rondevoux with them at the Miss Universe pageant. I have things to take care of.


Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 14

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