Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 13

Our fearless leader, Tarak, had locked himself and his his girls in his quarters. He was pretty shaken by the previous events. He left me the helm and told me to get us as far from “whatever the frell that was…” as possible. Oh, and make some profit if at all possible.

I decided to head off to the rumored Jedi ruins. They were close by (by Warp 9 standards) and I figured it might make for good plunder but I was more interested in keeping Jedi artifacts out of the hands of the Federation. As I understand it, the Jedi are able to leave their teachings behind in a device called a holocron. This information in the wrong hands could make the Federation even more powerful. What’s worse, Jacen said that it could actually be a powerful sith temple. If Jacen is right, I don’t want that stuff to fall into the Federation’s hands.

We had a bit of a problem however. Our crew is heavily fielded by pirates and many of them were getting restless. They needed to get some action and make some profit. A raid was in order and sooner rather than later. I figured we could raid the outpost for whatever booty it had to offer and complete our mission at the same time.

As acting captain, I have found a major flaw in our ship’s organization. Our crew is not united in their goals and their level of commitment. There are several dissenting voices on the bridge as to how to handle situations and the level in which they prepared to go. Rexar in particular is not prepared to engage Starfleet without proper provocation. We should reexamine our mission and replace crew as necessary or else we are going to fail and end up dead or back in prison.

On the way to the ruins Karr and I found the robot left behind by Mike and the Professor. You know, the robot no one remembers being on board? Anyway, the thing had managed to attach itself outside of the ship atop computer core 1. Hmmm… Wonder how long that thing had actually been there? I wonder if that thing has been there since our attack. Frell! Credits to condoms, that thing is where the intruder came from. If I remember correctly, the intruder caused us to go into warp and come out at the singularity. Must investigate this further. We should be able to dig deeper as we pulled the core from the thing before jettisoning the thing into space.


Anyway, we entered the system under cloak and took orbit for a bit to spy on their communications and get some passive readings. There was a Starfleet science vessel and two merchant ships. One of the ships left shortly after we arrived. I decided that we should take over the science vessel and the two merchant ships prior to going to the surface. I set Karr about to install emitters to make the ship look better armed. It was only a science vessel but she still had descent armament. I wanted to take her whole with as little casualties as possible. We needed to look tougher than we were in order to make that happen. I figured we’d arm all psudeo weapons on the Science vessel and blow the dren out of the merchant vessel. Unfortunately the merchant vessel headed out prior to our attack and we were left with just the science vessel. Ah well, timing is everything don’t you know.

I ordered red alert and to arm all weapons (real and fake) and target the science vessel. I then hailed the vessel. Using one of my best poker faces I intimidated their captain into surrender. Had she known what little armaments we had, she would have never given up without a fight.

We boarded and took the most attractive of the crew aboard for the slave trade. We then striped them and put them in our stocks.

Their turned out to be a security detail on the planet and we went down to barter with them for access to the ruins. I promised to let all of their people go in exchange for access to the ruins which included taking anything we found of value. I could have just bombarded them from orbit and went down and sifted through the ruins but I chose a different path. I’m sure Tarak will be displeased but I see no point in spilling blood unnecessarily. I’m a bastard but I have honor. We plundered the ship for its meager take and we made a deal to take what we wished from the ruins. I saw no value in a mass murder for scraps.

My main goal is to take or destroy anything the Federation could use to gain use of the force, especially the sith teachings. I have also set Kate on digging into the science vessel’s core in order to get any Starfleet records or information we might be able to use.

Sith ruins

We’ve entered the first chamber and it was of course a trap. I shall rely on Jacen’s expertise in these matters and hope that he has what it takes to get us through this. I might also be helpful to our survival. As Jacen tells it the sith use a combination of the force and magic. Maybe I’ll pick up a thing or two in the temple.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 13

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