Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 11 Supplemental

That thing in the brig turned out to be a Terokian. The little drenhead was quite resistant to questioning. But good ol Karr beat and raped the info out of him and it turns out his people did take the girls throught the black hole thinggie.

This wasn’t good. According to Professor Challenger, there was no way our ship would be able to get through the thing to get the girls. He said that if we had a ship of the right proportions we could modify it to make the trip. It was all about the shape or some techie dren. Karr understood so I just nodded like I did too. I’m not a tech guy, I’m solution guy, so I got Rexar on the line and had him find us a shipyard. I figured I buy a ship of that size and let the two nerds fix it up. As usual, my plan worked like a charm. I found a shuttle that fit the specs and bought it.

While in the port I met this smoking hot babe Melena. She’s a bounty hunter and had recognized me. She decided to cash in on the bounty for me but I used the voice to make her drop her weapon and Thuku, always at my back, escorted her to the table. I put the Alyr whammie on her and next thing you know we were horizontal in my room. It was a frelling good time too. There’s nothing hotter than banging a chic that has tried to kill you.

What? I got issues, I know. Don’t judge me, look at the company I keep. They are really frelled up. I’m just a little weird.

Anyway, the captain decided in his usual way to take off without letting anyone know and we accidentally kidnapped Melena. Turns out she’s on the run and was happy to be leaving that drenhole I found her in. Works for me. She’s the best looking cooz on the ship and and she knows what she’s doing. Wonder if she’s ever worked in the business…

She had some frelled up dreams and Honi was in them. We found Honi and apparently Melena has been in Honi’s dreams. Hot right? Wrong. Turns out, those things were in there to. A part of me is not liking this. I haven’t had one of those nightmares in some time and I hope they don’t start up again. I now know I’m not crazy, those things are really real.

Frell, I was hoping I was crazy.

What? Oh right. So, we were on our way. Doctor dork, and his new butt buddy went to work right away. Those two love that dren like no nerds I have ever seen. That ship cost me a bit but it was worth it to wach the doctor cring every time Karr burped up a foul cloud that slurm mixed with gak. I almost peed myself watching that. Got some good video of it on my little computer thing. Whenever I feel down, I now have a happy place to go.

With all this travelling about I’ve managed to get some real trigger time in the sims. My sys op skills are improving and my fast draw is getting faster every day. When hell comes, I’ll be ready.

Well, that’s about that. Tomorrow we head into that black hole thing. So far it’s Jacen, Karr, Mike, the professor and me going through. I’m going to leave Thuku behind to keep an eye on things until we get back. He’ll keep any drenheads from getting out of line.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 11 Supplemental

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