Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 11

Thuku and I stayed on the ship while the crew finished getting what they needed from Commerce 2. Karr bought a drenload of that slurm. Or as I like to call it “that liquid that oozes out of the dumpster behind a whorehouse on Denchar.” Between him and the captain, I shall be taking my meals at odd hours in order to avoid spoiling my appetite. Oh, and did I mention that these gourmet replicators are frelling awesome! I am back to my pre-Denchar weight.

It’s been a while since I’ve made an entry. There’s just so little time with all of the training I’ve been doing. I frelled up on the comms and that Klingon showed me up. I’m going to learn my station and I’m going to be the best at it if it kills me. I’ve also been working on my quick draw technique. Where I’m headed these days there’s only two types of people; the quick, and the dead.

So, we headed out to the deep black. Tarak recieved some intel from the boss regarding piracy opportunities in the sector. We figured it was time to make some money and break this crew in proper. It was looking like we about to have a good time. And then…Sabotage!

An explosion in the engine room followed by an auto engage of the warp engines, followed by our navigation and tactical being locked out. Apparently some sort of hostile AI managed to slip into our system. The damn thing was gunning for Kate of all things. Creepy man, real creepy. Kate won and we managed to get back on line and we figured out where we had gotten off to.

We received a distress call. Which is like a dinner bell to pirates, so we naturally went to check it out. There was some sort of black hole type thing and a ship caught in it. We figured we’d tow it out and just about had it when two Garidian Peacekeeper cruisers arrived and demanded our surrender. We cut the little ship loose and ditched those two primitive cruisers.

Against my better judgment we went back and took on the two passengers, Mike and George.

What a loss. No booty and two more mouths to feed. Well, at least they are interesting.

So was it off to our next mark? Maybe get some real pirating in? Nope!

The ship was boarded by some strange reptilian life forms. During the attack A’lana and Dorra were captured by those things. We think the prisoner we took will be able to answer that.

Alyr's Personal Log - Episode 11

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