Alyr - Between Seasons 1a

Upon leaving the verse the group decided to part ways for a while to resolve personal issues.

I headed back to Orion space and linked up with my old master. It was a reunion of mixed emotions. She had been having visions of terrible things to come and in the middle of it all was me. She said that I would be involved with two major forces and that I held imminence power over one and was the doomsayer for the other. As usual I find myself wrapped in a blanket of chaos and confusion. How could I be either of these things?

She told me I must prepare and she taught me some new tricks for her time was close and next I saw her, I was not to trust her. Very cryptic indeed but what I learned from her was both cool and creepy. She also reminded me that I already had the power to cripple one of my foes and that I would need to discover it soon to restore balance to the galaxy.

When my training was complete she disappeared without saying good buy. I awoke to an empty facility. I sat in my chair with my small crew and thought a while before taking off. It hit me like a Klingon bitch in heat. When I was recording the destruction of the Empire ships I had picked up a strange data stream. I recorded it to look at later and had never gotten around to it. Could this have something to do with what I supposedly already had?

I began to look through the data but could not make heads or tales of it. I contacted “The Fly” and asked him to take a look and see what he thought. He didn’t know but he knew it was Empire data and it was highly technical. After a hefty finder’s fee, he put me in touch with some Empire defector hiding out on Citadel. I sent the guy a small piece of the data and he got back right away. He told me that the data I had was of incredible value and that I should come to Citadel right away. He said he’d give me a program that would compile the data into something useful. Something very valuable.

I purchased one of those jump things and we zipped out that way. I met the shifty frackhead and he sold me the software. It wasn’t cheap let me tell you. However, I never really got the chance to pay. Just as our deal was coming to an end, some empire cats led by a sith frellhead burst on the scene. However, this time, my ass was prepared. Thuku splattered the sith’s head all over the Starlight in mid leap and the explosives I had set up the night before took care of the rest. We bugged out and set course for Drozona Station. Figured we’d sell whatever that data was to the rebels if we ever found them.

We were coming up on Drozona so I headed down to the cargo hold. Just as I was entering the hold, a weird blue box appeared. Teleported in from who knows where. It said “Police Public Call Box” but if this was the police, their technology was both advanced and arcane. I would have pulled my gun but something told me that anyone who could teleport in like that was beyond simple gun-play. I actually thought it was some sort of funky bomb and it was already too late.

But then a door of sorts opened and some odd young dude stepped out and started walking around the hold. Then an older fella’. And then some robotic dog. There was no way these three fit in that box. No way. The tall young man smiled at me and called me by name. He then took long strides towards me and extended his hand. He introduced himself at “The Doctor” and then introduced his companions.

I was intrigued, this guy had as much chutzpah as yours truly; and a set of balls to match. And, of course, there was that blue box. I took the man’s hand and welcomed him to the Starlight. He started rambling about all sorts of things that I had no idea about. I started to speak and he put up his hand and told me to hold that thought. He pulled out a small book, thumbed through several pages, and jammed his finger into one of them exclaiming “HA!”. He looked at me intensely and said, “I’m too early! Terribly sorry about that, see you again in a couple months. Or a few minutes, depending on how you look at it.”

He then did an about face and walked directly back into the box. His companions quickly followed. And as fast as it appeared, the blue box simply vanished. I stood for a bit and realized that my mouth was still open. I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes. I wouldn’t be sure that it actually happened until I checked the ship’s sensors.

I decided to head to nearest bar for a couple drinks to get my head back on right and to see if I could find the rest of the old gang. I wonder if that weird fellow in that box will show up again or if that was another of a long string of the weird dren that makes up my existence.

Alyr - Between Seasons 1a

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