A'lana's Personal Log - Episode 1

This rock could use some bacta. Earlier this week Yun got buffed and was layed low. The fuzzynads was covered in nasty gashes and bleeding from well over 100 wounds. I sent one of the brandies down to give him some loving and went back to work with the bennie, Spirt. Now Spirt is a choob. He claims to have no emotions but he isn’t like Kate who really has no emotions. He is more like a repressed ball of anger waiting to explode. He was telling me that he got sent to Denchar because he cooked some books but I noticed his hands are all calloused like a street fighter’s. His knuckles look like a mix matched patchwork of scars. I put him to work kicking dead whales down the beach and he did real good. The fresher looks almost new and somehow he got the stink out of it. When I put him to work cleaning up the bar he actually repaired the damaged wooden tables and chairs. He is a good carpenter and we needed one of them. I think I will set him up in closet #7. It is just big enough for him to stretch out but is closest to the furnace so it stays hotter than the rest. I heard somewhere that these points like the heat.

When Jacen brought in the new slaves I knew I was in for a lot of work. A bunch of dancers, a singer, and a cook. Well the cook was easy and with him being a veghead I expected Andor toast but he cooked up those shark roasts like a master. They were amazing. Too bad Tarak is off playing in the mines like he is some kind of mudder.

The dancers where another story. I know trouble and every time I see a Bajoran I know Tarak is in trouble. One of the new girls was a war veteran and Tarak freed her without a thought. He even made her one of the bartenders which we didn’t need and gave her stuff. He never gives anything for free but everytime someone who killed Cardassians shows up he gets all limpy on me. He has no sense and I am just a slave so I don’t get to make these decisions, I just have to clean them up. The new dancers are good, and with the instruments and a singer, we should have this cantina running like one on Nar Shadaa.

It has been three days and I expected them back by now. Yundarr is healing and that yono, Thuku, is strutting like he owns the place. Too bad no one can understand him or we might actually have an idea of what he wants. That grimmit gargoyle, Tu’Sutok, came in looking for Karr and demanding the AK tribute and not an hour later a bunch of lesbo Jolets came in looking to drig a few brandies. Now we play the waiting game. If Tarak and the crew don’t get back soon, I might actually have to take over. I hate being alone without him. I hope he is ok.

A'lana's Personal Log - Episode 1

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