At the end of each episode the characters will receive rewards based upon their actions. No rewards will be given to the group; rather, every award is to the individual. A maximum of 3 DP can be earned per game session.

Actions Possible Rewards
Good Role Playing up to 1DP
Pushing the plot forward up to 1DP
Completing one of the Director’s overarching goals up to 3DP
Bringing food/drink to the game for the group up to 1DP
Diplomacy before Violence up to 1DP
Creating Distractions for the game reduce award by 1 DP
Out of game Disruptions or outbursts Reduce award by up to 3 DP
Sleeping at the table Reduce award by up to 1 DP
Arriving late to the game Reduce award by up to 1 DP
Other things the Director feels are worthy of rewarding Up to 1 DP

In addition, players that are active on Obsidian Portal will get rewards that will not be available anywhere else. These rewards are called Bennies.

To gain Bennies all post must be in no later than 10pm est on the Thursday following the game session. Late posts may be applied to the following week’s results if you have a good reason for the late posting but under most circumstances will not gain your character any extra benefit. A good reason is a death in family, a partner or child in hospital, etc. You get the point.

Activity Bennies Awarded
Any OP Activity 1 Bennie
Moderate OP Activity 2 Bennies Includes NPC updates along with a log posting
Exceptional OP Activity 3 Bennies Include the above, plus making various wiki entries
Using bennies

Bennies may be traded in at any time during game play on the character’s action. Spend one bennie to perform any of the following:

  • Gain (2) Drama Cards and one (1) Courage Point
  • Cause another character to automatically fail their next skill or attribute test
  • Regenerate your character’s or a your cohort’s courage point pool
  • Steal a Drama Card from the discard pile, that was just discarded or played
  • Negate a negative trait until the end of a scene
  • Survive with one life point when something happens that kills you or your cohort
  • Advancement

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