A'dala Zim's Personal Log - Episode 5

Sometimes the goddess sends you strange signs. I took a job but my quarry fled into the undermaze, a place I had no desire to ever see. So I waited and while enjoying a drink at Tripper’s Paradise I see Shi’la come in looking ravishing as ever. She starts telling me about her discovery and asked if I wanted to check it out. She then goes on telling me how dangerous it is, since she thinks it belongs to some crazy chick who is known to be a killer. I laugh and tell he to lead on. A few hours later I find myself in a submarine sailing away from Xebec’s and wondering what possibilities exist out here. Escape is high in my list of hopes but I really wasnt expecting to find anything. We play around in the submarine looking about here and there while Shi’la prays to her demons and they tell her where to go. Then I see it and can’t believe my eyes. A Cardassian fighter or scout, I’m not sure but if it is operational we have our ticket home.

We dock with the wreck at about 1000 meters down. As we enter the ship I am hit with fresh air and feel like I am in heaven. We head for the bridge and power things up. The shields are working but there is a hole in the aft doral side. The shields power is down to about 30% so we get to work redistributing the power and getting those shield full functional. While we are working at it I hear a noice and go for my gun. In comes some chick and thre men. They are armed with energy weapons so I slip my gun away and begin to talk.

This is the crazy part, the guy I was hired to kill that went into the undermaze, is standing right in front of me and offering me an alliance and a chance to escape this rock. Apparently he is some kind of engineer and can fix the ship. So what are my choices? I can fullfill the contract or I can escape and join the buggerer. I have a bit of an internal fight but when one of the men finds the bars of latinum and offers me and Shi’la an even share I made it up. I joined with these people and took my chances.

Now we are on our way to a commerce planet, I have money in my pocket, Shi’la and Laz are with me, and I am free. I owe these people my life so maybe I will let them know about the contract and they can protect themselves. The Duros clan has deep pockets and wants Karr dead.

A'dala Zim's Personal Log - Episode 5

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