Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 22

I’ve gotten use to being alone. Traveling for long hours, days, and sometimes even weeks in the dark all by myself. That is why I spent so much latinum on making my ship the most comfortable bird I could fly. These past few weeks of searching for Yundarr have been harder than usual. Perhaps it is the play we are in, perhaps I am changing, I don’t really know. The pinkies that run this screwed up and amazing system are kind of hardcore. The inner worlds are all like the Federation but the further out you go, the crazer and grittier they get. I am coming to like this place.

After beating a man near to death I learned of the fight club that runs an illegal transmitting station. They like to host huge battles between non-humans and send out the signal on the wave. I turned the Hound toward this ship and managed to get them to let me dock and come aboard on the pretense of gambling.

After looking around I found the captain and crew were already here. We discussed a plan to free Yundarr and decided to use the gas from the Heart of Gold’s security defense system to KO the entire ship. Thuku and Karr snuck on board and did the dirty work and soon enough, we had 300 sleeping people.

We then boarded the ship and split up, each with a mission. I took care of the bridge and when I found the captain sleeping I cut out his heart. I even stole his slave sluts. After a solid search we liberated a ton of money from the ship and took off, leaving most of the crew and passengers unharmed. I wrote on one wall in the blood of a dead man, “Thanos was here” but beyond that they would never have known it was us. I figure if the place was an illegal operation, then I wanted credit for fucking it up. Make a name for myself as a pirate and maybe these pinkie bastards will show me proper respect.

A short while out from the heist, we picked up a distress signal and headed for it. A mirror vessel with a walking corpse that nearly killed us was waiting. I will let Karr and Cutter tell this story as my part in all of it was quite limited. If I get bored I might actually tell you myself at a later time.

Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 22

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