Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 17

I searched those damned caverns for days and have found nothing but dead Klingons and bugs. I was left with no choice but to believe my companions are either dead or escaped without me. Depressed and tired I headed back to Heorot and discovered that my crew survived but left the planet without me. Targ whom I liked to call Halfnub took all the credit for killing the Wendel. He and a few of the men who went with us, rescued many people. It seems the curse on this place has lifted.

The weather is getting nicer and the snow and ice are melting. One of the Klingon children, a girl named Maaci, has been following me about like a love struck puppy. I don’t do children so this attention is bothersome at best. Targ keeps trying to get me involved in life at Heorot but I am tired of Klingons. They smell like refuse and the few I have bedded have left me feeling soiled.

Tomorrow I shall strike out across the mountains and start exploring this planet. Boredom is a terrible thing and I am beyond bored. Better to die in the wilderness than die in a room full of uncouth beasts. I hope that the girls figure out a way to rescue me. If they allow Cutter or Karr to run the show, I am likely to never get off this rock. I can’t imagine any reason why they didn’t beam me out with the rest of the crew.

Frak!!!! I think I am going insane. I am done recording my thoughts, now I put together a Gobag and get the hell out of this dren hole. Maybe I’ll take a few of the slave girls with me too. I wonder what the king will charge me.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 17

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