Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 15

I am still feeling a bit off my game. The death of Jacen could have been prevented if I were a better captain. Perhaps with the new ship I can step away from the leadership roll and let others take charge. I certainly enjoy the power but hate the responsibility. Besides, if someone else is running the show, I get to complain.

We went to Citadel for the Miss Universe Pageant and I was rather excited for the chance to see and maybe meet some of the most beautiful women in the world. The controversy of Kayla Diopsa was on all the news channels. She had been genetically modified to be a woman and her looks were not natural. As such, the director of the events, Karr’s friend, Selma kicked her from the competition. Personally I found her to be ravishing and could care less that she were a man at some point in her life. Today she is a woman and for me that is enough.

Karr got a bunch of messages and in order to clear his name we were forced to leave for the Klingon homeworld. Now that place is dismal. I never recommend visiting. The service is terrible, the smells worse, and the sheer number of Klingons is oppressive. Karr was found innocent but had to face a challenge from a real old Klingon. I thought the old guy was going to win but Karr pulled off the victory in the end.

Before we could even celebrate, Alyr was pushing us out the door screaming, “Go, Go, Go!!!” I don’t know what danger he saw but I went. Once onboard we headed to some backwater world, I never caught the name of the system but the planet was called Jortenhiem. We beamed down and partied with a bunch of Klingons. The discovered that Karr’s brother was off trying to save a town from a monster. Now we are off to save the brother. I keep asking myself, “Where is the profit?” but I don’t see any answer. I will continue this story if I survive. I have my doubts since our guns and other tech don’t work on this planet. What has Karr gotten me into?

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 15

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