Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 11

My crew is full of misfits, criminals, racists, and people I truly don’t like. Sounds like life is back to normal. The Klingons and the Luxans are constantly fighting, the crazed amount of half-breeds on the ship are constantly being berated as inferior, the Andorians won’t shut up about honor, and officers all seem like they have a pole up their ass and it’s a pointy pole too. I am ready to space the whole lot of them.

Now onto business. An Andorian imposter got past security and planted a bomb and tracking device on the ship. I blame Karr and Jacen for not noticing that this man was not one of the people they recruited. I guess now I need to meet every person who comes aboard and approve him or her personally. We lost one of the Klingons and had to have a funeral for him and I must say that the crew seemed more galvanized after the ceremony. I should have taken the ship and attacked someone right away while I had momentum.

Next, HECATE is a valuable member of the crew but after facing her kind of enemy I am not sure I want her onboard anymore. As I write this log I am wondering if she is reading it. If so, good, at least now we know where we stand. I can support her odd predilection towards experimentation on the animals, I can support her fascination with the force, what I can’t support is her complete lack of empathy. We need a doctor who is more like us. I think I may hire one and deal with the fall out. Having a physical doctor to join us on Planetside missions would be nice.

I am not in the mood to detail every even today so I shall only detail those I consider of note. We pirated a primitive warship and discovered a people at war with the Garidian Peacekeepers. I worry that this primitive race will fail in its war and I am thinking of traveling to their world to sell them technology. This goes against Rexar’s view of things but I really don’t care. The buttheaded blueberry can get off at the next port and be replaced with someone who is more in line with my thought process.

Karr is now having visions and this begs me to wonder if he has overcome all the SI mindblocks. If he has I shall have to be careful. Don’t need any telepath reading the thoughts of the bridge crew and picking up on my own indiscretions.

Now onto the important stuff. We fought with two Peacekeeper command carriers. Was a little scary but we escaped and captured one of the fighter pilots. We also had an attack and several of the crew have been kidnapped including A’lana. We must hunt these attackers down. One of them was captured so next thing we need to do is find out all that he knows. If I need to filet him alive I shall. As for the people we rescued. I am ordering they be dropped at the nearest space facility. They appear to be trouble with a capital T and I don’t want to have to kill someone I saved. The fact that they blame me for the loss of their ship is idiotic. I should have left them to die.

I am realizing that I have strayed from my zone of comfort. Profit must be the focus. Profit is everything. I am turning back to my core and focusing on profit from now on. The Peacekeeper prisoner shall be trained as a slave and sold. The other prisoner shall be interrogated and then sold as well. All shall return to normal and we shall begin taking ships. Focus! I must focus on what needs to be done and stop being so damned sentimental.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 11

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