Places that may or may not exist

These places have been spoken of in hushed whispers for generations. No one knows if they are simply stories to scare little children, or if they’re real places. Most legitimate scientists believe these planets to be nothing more than mythical places or perhaps science fiction.


A planet that revolves around seven stars beyond Xoth. It is inhabited by metallic brains, wise with the ultimate secrets of the universe.


Arcturus is the star from whence came Zhar and his ‘twin’ Lloigor.


On its fourth planet is the Great Library of Celaeno, which houses stone tablets containing secrets stolen from the Great Old Ones and Elder Gods.


Glyu-Uho (or Glyu-Vho or K’Lu-Vho) is the star where the Elder Gods came from to battle the Great Old Ones (though it may actually be the place where a gateway leads to Elysia, the dimension where the Elder Gods are thought to live).


Haddath (also Haddoth or perhaps Urakhu) is a fiery planet and is believed to be inhabited by the chthonians.


Ktynga (or Norby’s comet) is the name of a bluish rogue comet. The comet is unusually hot and has strange properties, such as the ability to travel faster than light. On the surface of the comet is a huge building wherein dwells the being Fthaggua and his servants, the fire vampires. Fthaggua and his minions can guide the comet to travel between the stars.


It is inhabited by metallic, cube-shaped beings with multiple legs. These creatures worship a minor deity known as L’rog’g, whose rituals require a yearly sacrifice in the form of the excising of the legs from a native. When the Insects from Shaggai (the Shan) arrived, the natives of L’gy’hx initially tolerated them and allowed them to build a huge city. After two centuries, the natives even came to see the Shan as co-rulers of the planet. In time, many Shan eschewed the veneration of Azathoth and began to worship the L’gy’hx deity L’rog’g. But when some natives of L’gy’hx likewise turned to the worship of Azathoth, the event prompted the priests of L’rog’g to start an inquisition, inflicting gruesome punishments on the heretics. Relations with the Shan soured quickly as a result, and the priests of L’rog’g demanded that all temples of Azathoth be removed from L’gy’hx. A small group of the Shan, still faithful to the Azathoth sect, left L’gy’hx, teleporting themselves and their deity’s temple to the planet Earth.


Dark planet inhabited by crystalline beings and the dwelling place of the Great Old One Q’yth-az. The Nug-Soth of Yaddith journeyed to this world in hopes of finding a magical formula that would defeat the Dholes.


Shaggai (or Chag-Hai) is a planet orbiting twin green suns and is the homeworld of the Shan, or Insects from Shaggai. The Shan’s planet was destroyed eight centuries ago, possibly by Ghroth the Harbinger. The being known only as ‘The Worm that Gnaws in the Night’ also resides here.


Shonhi (also Stronti) is a transgalactic world frequented by the denizens of Yaddith.


A planet where the Insects from Shaggai dwelt for a while. They initially believed the planet was uninhabited, but when their slaves began disappearing, they soon discovered the terrible truth. They left shortly thereafter.


A planet in the ‘twenty-third nebula’ and the supposed birthplace of Great Cthulhu.

World of Seven Suns

Its inhabitants created seven artificial suns to replace their dying natural sun.


A distant galaxy and the dwelling place of the Great Old One Zathog.


The sister planet of Shaggai. The Shan conquered this world and enslaved its native inhabitants, a race of carnivorous monsters. When Shaggai was destroyed, the Shan joined their brethren here and remained for some time.


The dim green double star that glitters like a daemonic eye in the blackness beyond Abbith.

Xoth (or Zoth) is the green binary star where Cthulhu and his ilk once lived in the distant past. According to the Xothic legend cycle, it is where Cthulhu mated with Idh-yaa to beget Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog. Xoth is also the native home of Ycnágnnisssz and Zstylzhemghi, and was the temporary home of the latter’s ‘husband’, Ghisguth, and their progeny, the infant Tsathoggua. Tsathoggua later went to live on Yuggoth. Afterward, he fled to Cykranosh to escape Cxaxukluth’s cannibalistic eating habits.


Yaddith is a distant planet that orbits five suns. Aeons ago it was inhabited by the Nug-Soth, creatures with traits similar to mammals, reptiles, and insects. The Nug-Soth sought a way to prevent the destruction of their planet’s crust by the Dholes, but to no avail. Eventually, the Dholes overwhelmed them and destroyed the Nug-Soth’s civilization. Survivors of the catastrophe escaped, however, and hid on various planets.


Yaksh is inhabited by strange fungous beings. Hziulquoigmnzhah dwelt here for a while after fleeing Yuggoth to escape Cxaxukluth’s cannibalistic urges. Hziulquoigmnzhah was evidently worshipped by the Yakshians, but he soon tired of their venerations and moved to Cykranosh.


A planet in a distant galaxy. It is inhabited by a race of technologically-advanced beings that resemble huge centipedes that are slightly larger than humans. The populace worships an entity known as Juk-Shabb, which appears as a glowing, color-shifting orb. Very little is known about this deity other than it is telepathic and is greatly revered by the denizens of Yekub. The Yekubians destroyed all intelligent life in the galaxy where they dwelt and sought to extend their influence throughout the universe. As part of their grand scheme, they sent out cube-shaped probes that could effect a mind-swap with any intelligent creature that found one; in this way, Yekubian agents could infiltrate the finder’s world. One such cube landed on Earth during the reign of the Great Race of Yith. When several of its members were taken over, the Yithians realized the danger of the cube and sequestered it under heavy guard. Eventually, however, the cube was lost.


The original homeworld of the Great Race of Yith, according to the Eltdown Shards. It is described as a ‘black, aeon-dead orb in far space’. Its actual location is a mystery. Some scholars place it as the fourth of the five planets that orbit the star Ogntlach. Yith is said to have a thin atmosphere and seas heated by geothermal energy.


A planet near Xoth. It is home to metal brains and houses a great library of Yuggothian books. After Yaddith was destroyed by the Dholes, several survivors of the catastrophe fled here.

Places that may or may not exist

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