News Briefs - Episode 21


Sebacean Peacekeepers have been made the official military of the Ferengi Corporate Zone. They have been contracted to handle all operations involving security of the zone and have been given authority to build a huge shipyard orbitting Ferenginaar 9.

Citadel Station

Hal, the Artificial Intelligence in charge of running the station has become infected with a virus. It is unknown how damaging this will be for the station but it appears to be quite severe. The virus is believed to have come from some repurposed Borg equipment that was installed in the station several months ago. Once active the virus caused massive changes in the structure of the station and several of the stations engineering sectors have been completely compromised. Vanguard Salvage has taken on the tast of repairing these damaged sections but Hal has warned that it will kill anyone entering the sections. We wait with held breath to discover the outcome of this dire situation.

News Briefs - Episode 21

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