News Briefs - Episode 16

Qo’noS (Ka’Beck Yetal reporting)

In a stunning trial Karr, a former Starfleet officer and well-known brigand, was found innocent of all charges brought against him by the Klingon Empire. These charges include 19 counts of murder, 7 counts of rape, 3 counts of torture, 2 counts of kidnapping, and 1 count of treason. Evidence presented several months ago by FNN reporter, Jane Echo, was the focal point of the trial. Karr was given the chance to talk but seemed too emotional to get out any words.

Once the verdict was read the room exploded in screams and shouts of joy. These screams quickly faded when it was seen that Karr – along with the dread pirate Tarak and the monstrous Yundarr – was being kept in chains. General Mangok, who presided over the trial, stated, “Karr has cleared his family name in Klingon space but we Klingons must honor our commitments. We are under treaty with the United Federation of Planets and must turn Karr and his companions over to Starfleet for trial in that nation.”

Karr’s Vulcan half-sister stood and gave a riveting speech on behalf of her brother. Mangok was moved to allow Karr trial by combat. He faced Favion of House Duras and defeated him in a matter of seconds. Mangok ordered that Karr be released and his crew freed as well. Before any celebration could begin, Karr, along with his crew and friends, made a hasty exit. They left the system, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Following the trial, many celebrations erupted across the planet. Karr’s family threw one of the most expensive and lavish parties seen on Klingon in many years. Karr’s father K’log remarked, “We are happy for my son and proud of his deeds, but until he clears his name within Starfleet he yet shames our family. We have always held honor first and foremost. Karr took oaths in the name of Starfleet. I spit on his memory for those oaths but he took them in a dark time of his life. Now he must honor them if he wishes to ever return to my home. I cannot abide a traitor and I believe that my son has always acted with honor in his heart. He must reconcile his differences and honor his oaths of service. He must!” The old Klingon left the room and appeared to be concealing tears.

Karr is known to have been imprisoned for acts of treason against the Federation. He was captured while attempting to liberate several of his former shipmates from penal camps for the genetically modified. He has always insisted that he was loyal to Starfleet, but that he could not abide to see innocent people imprisoned. Many in Starfleet believed this to be true, but when Karr participated in the cowardly ambush on Admiral Yore’s flagship, the USS Iroquois, he cemented his fate as a traitor to the Federation.

So where does he go from here? To clear his name in his father’s eyes he must turn himself into Starfleet, where he will likely be given a life sentence on another penal colony. To clear his name among the people, he will have to prove his acts of treason were done for a just cause, thereby winning the popular consensus.

This reporter, for one, can’t wait to see what he does next.

News Briefs - Episode 16

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