News Briefs - Episode 12


Starfleet scientists have discovered that a super-graviton well generator caused the destruction of Andoria and the surrounding system. It is suspected that something known as Red Matter was the cause catalyst for the event. Survivors of the disaster have reported seeing a huge ship, spanning more than 100km long. “It was the biggest damned ship I ever saw,” said Mica Simms, “It looked like a giant letter T and when it fired those cables into the planet I knew it was time to go. I punched the ship up to Warp 4 and was shooting out of the system when the ship released a barrage of energy beams larger and more scattered than anything I ever imagined. The sheer volume of ships that were destroyed by the attack overloaded our sensors. It was truly insane.” Starfleet is searching for the ship but no evidence of it has been found. No Hyperspace signature, no warp signature, nothing. Its as if the ship just vanished.


Chancellor Hanzu Khan has unveiled his vision of tomorrow. At a press gathering today, Khan spoke of the future of the Federation, “We are moving into an age of enlightenment. Sure we have problems, but problems will always be an issue for any nation or alliance of nations as large as our own. As such, we are trying to create a new Federation that will be better able to handle the issues faced by our many member states. I have proposed that the constitution of the UFP be revisited. I am asking that the leaders of all Federation worlds and/or their representatives join me in a Constitutional Convention. We will consider the needs of all of our members and create a constitution that does not discriminate against any nation. It is time the founding members of the UFP let go of their vice grip control and it is time that the UFP move into the 25th century.”

The Wheel

Dr. Spen Jumani reports, “We have detected at a distance of nine light years, a large gravity well moving at just over 12 times the speed of light. It is giving off an unusual radiation that disrupts biological electrical energies. My team has reported no visible side effects other than a light headache. We are following the gravity well at a distance of less than 100km and other than the gravity itself, nothing can be observed. The Gravity well is about the same size as that of a small planet but sensors see nothing other than gravity. It is all very strange.”


Dr. Glix of the Vulcan Science Protectorate has reported the development of Transwarp Gates. “We have built 76 of these gates for Starfleet over the past six years and now we are making them available to the public. These gates allow a ship to travel nearly instantly from point A to point B between two connecting gates. The gateway network map is available to all ships registered in the Federation. Furthermore it is my distinct pleasure to inform the galaxy that we have also completed the Transwarp battery project. Starting next month Transwarp batteries will go public and any Captain with a Class C license or greater shall be able to purchase them. The Transwarp battery attaches to the warp coils of a ship and will allow the ship to Transwarp to a preset location instantly from anywhere in the galaxy.”


In an attempt at showing humility and that the government of Betazed is not any different than it’s people, Betazed Prime has released an issue called “The Underwear of Women in Power.” This issue has sold out over night and demands for a reprint are tremendous. In the issue woman such as the Prime Minister, Governess Anrel Conn, and Ambassador Kiless have all taken it off. They posed for extensive photo shoots in their own bedrooms and with their own sex toys. Bria Ambro says, “This is the greatest, most liberating moment in the history of Betazed. Now that the government has removed its blinders to sex, we can become more like Risa but so much better. The fact that we are telepaths already lets us see each other’s desires. Now we can fantasize in private without feeling guilt. Pleasure is the coin of the new era.” Many critics are saying this is a mistake but the sense of joy throughout Betazed is certainly to be noted.

News Briefs - Episode 12

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