Matt's Personal Log - Episode 15

Wow – when things happen out here, they happen fast! I’d only been on Citadel Station for a few days, long enough to register as a refugee and meet a few people (some good, some not, and some I’m gonna see again). I’d only just joined a group of other ‘fugees (we were looking for work, since a man’s gotta eat – real food, not that rep-mat stuff) when we were approached by some really big Klingon and a dude that looked some someone at Comicon trying to pass as Elric. They were looking to hire on some crew for their ship, and asked a few mathematical questions to figure out who they wanted – I honestly can’t figure out why, since the most scientific thing I’ve done since I was hired was figuring out the proper water-to-cleanser ratio for mopping the deck.

They’d implied they’d be doing some pirating – wasn’t too sure about that but it would be a quick way to make some jack – but instead we hopped to the Klingon homeworld to clear the record of the big Klingon, Karr. Again, I’m not sure why he’d want to clear his name before we started pirating other vessels, but none of the Klingons I’ve met yet seem to understand the basic tenets of cause and effect, at least beyond the use of weaponry. Of course, the minute we arrived we were arrested by the Klingon authorities, but that was just to make sure we wouldn’t run before the trial. Klingon trials are pretty medieval for a galaxy-spanning species – in the end, it was decided in a Trial by Combat. Karr eventually won, but then this Human and a green Orion chick was pushing us out the arena and away we went. The Orion – Becky’s her name – is kinda cute, but I think I prefer K’ara (that’s Karr’s Vulcan sister – long story).

Anyway, we eventually wound up on a planet by the name of Jortenheim – apparently a lot of planet names are from Earth’s mythological past but this one seems particularly appropo. Some kind of energy field (note: look into this later) was disrupting the energy-based weapons and tools we had, but we went down to look for Karr’s brother. (I think this one is a Klingon too, but apparently Karr has another sister, T’Rown, who is a Vulcan. I think he also has a Vulcan(?) brother who’s considered the black sheep of the family. Karr said he’s half and half, but that’s gotta be one mixed up family.) What we found on the planet was an honest-to-gods Viking long hall, only filled with Klingons. They invited us in to feast with them, which thankfully we did – it’d been far too long since I’d partied. (And I gotta admit, Klingons party as vigorously as they fight! That was something I’d like to repeat.)

During the feast (or after, it’s kinda all blurred together – mead), we found out that Karr’s brother had gone off to face a local monster at the Hall of Heorot. Now, I know I seem to have been living in Galaxy Quest turned real, but how in creation does a Viking legend become manifest on an alien world, populated by an alien people? I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out – even if it does eventually prove what I’ve been suspecting for some time now: that I’ve finally lost my faculties and have been living for the past several months in a medically-induced hallucinogenic state.

Oh, one final note: the new Klingon first officer on Cutter’s ship, Haggis (yeah, like the Scottish delicacy – euchh), said something about coming from the ‘Mirror’, which seems to be a pseudonym for a known parallel dimension. Must check that out soonest. Oh, and Alyr is the dude that was traveling with Becky. Hopefully this’ll all get a little clearer as I continue to jot my thoughts down, but for now, this’ll have to do.

Oh yeah, I also gotta mention Hecate (or Cate for short) and her ambulatory host body, Trivia. Cate’s a constructed intelligence from a distant galaxy and is, by her account, several millennia old. Her vehicle, Trivia, is a constructed intelligence in her own right when Cate’s not in residence – she’s a hoot, even if she has a certain level of disdain for us organics. And yeah, I used the feminine pronouns in referring to them. CI’s have personalities, and these two are feminine. Evenif this all turns out to be a dream, I am looking forward to those conversations in the future – if this is all real, my gods the things I may learn.

‘Til next time, keep flyin’. CYA!

Matt's Personal Log - Episode 15

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