Karr's Personal Log - Episode 45

Personal log start.

I find myself and the others stuck on an island with a volcano (small one)with no where or means to go. I am badly hurt with a missing left hand and right eye.

How did we get here?…..haha…i chose a door.

Let sit down and thing about this.

After finding our way through the cube, we found a doorway with a set of stairs heading upward. Prior to entering the stairway, we had to drink this liquid that prove to be hurtful but we live. We all took pain from it however it was better than being knock almost dead like Nox was. Karatrina did do too well. Matt had to come back down help stabilize her.

we made it to the top of the stairs to find a form in the distance asking question about the code to access. After being told the code i had was old, Cutter shoot the person. It wasn’t until i got up close that i realize the person was my mother. CUTTER KILLED MY MOTHER.

I ran over to her and found that she was still alive. I then ask how she came by being here and what was happening. She said that she had heard i was dead also. I thought she stated that there was a lesson to be learned. but i m not sure anymore. She also stated that there is a we need to continue onward but to do that we (looking at me) must choose a door. Either the past, present or future must be chosen. I chose the door leading to the past. I ask if she could heal my injured commarades. She said she could only transfer the damage to someone else. Matt took one, I took Karatrina in to me(not thinking or caring about fact that I am already damage). We then went into the door.

After a big bright light that engulfed us, we found ourselves on a sandy beach with a red sky. After 1 step, i discover much like the rest of us that the gravity was low here. With one step we were leaping. after fumbling for a little while, I started get a better control of my movement. Cutter was able to do his air bending and leap up in the air. He was able to spot a volcano and
a small smoke rising up. We headed over to it and discover two vulcan like men.

they were cooking a meat over a fire-pit. Matt and Cutter approach them with me and others following along. They openly shared their food a “Tweedle beast”. There names were Dee and Dum. Matt mention something about tweedle dee and tweedle dum but I don’t understand the reference.

They said that they were waiting for the “Destroyer of worlds” to come. Dee said he is to challenge him and Dum was to talk and convince him. The group look over at me. Granted someone else mention that name before about me. Dee jump to his feet and threw a sword then challenge me

I didn’t know him but he challenge me and I accepted it regardless of my injuries. Who is he to challenge me? Dum stated that he wish me not to accept this challenge. We enter in to battle, Dee is very skilled or I am just not adapted to the new surroundings. I would say the two combined. I manage to do land a hit eventually but not sure how hurt he is. I will say that his strikes nearly knock me out and killed me. In the battle I thought about what lesson I am to learn. Then I thought it was to be humble in face of this fighter. So I thought to give in for the lesson. When I put down my batleth and told him i admit he best me. Dee then started to undo his pants and told me to turn around so that I can be taken like a female. It was then that I became anger. Whether it was a flashback to that night in Denchar or simple denial. I was not going to allow that. I told him no and he said then take your sword and let continue. He made joke of me.I took up my Batleth and press on with my being calling on the darkside that I have try not call in long time.

I gave him the stare of krugg and he backed up for a moment. He then said that sacrifice is sometimes need and killed Dum. He then grew bigger and stronger as he attack. he cut my left hand off. He then strike out at Matt who was able to dodge the first attack. Matt attack and missed then Dee got Matt in the leg. Cutter took up arms as Dee try to cut off my right toes and failed. With anger I struck out hitting Dee. In return Dee cut me in my right eye. Dee slashed out and struck Cutter. Cutter then disarm him sending his sword landing. Dee said something about having friends and summon a huge hawk. The hawk grab Dee and flew eastward escaping.

Cutter stop my wounds from bleeding anymore. As he working on my wounds, I try to mediate and focus on what happen. I found myself thinking about an old story that Batleth training master had told me about the Vulcan history. I only remember a few things from it.

There was a creature with bumps on it head that carried an eye/weapon that would destroy all that it saw.
The people that survived fled the planet to a new planet. There on that planet the people fought among themselves until a champion came. This hero was name NoVok.
The hero would defeat the destroyer of worlds that had a metal hand.

It is still blurry to me. I can remember me saying out loud for all to hear but I don’t remember it much.

With us not knowing where we are and when, I and Matt walk along the shore to see if there was other signs of people existing. We circle about and return to the same old dock that we started off at.

Now all are looking to me figure out what is our next thing.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 45

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