Karr's Personal Log - Episode 36

Karr Personal Log 36 start

It would appear that good blessing has landed in my lap. I have found my old friend Cutter. I have gotten Katrina to come along with us. I have survived another game of Chess. I also have auction my placement for a fine reward.

First, I was glad to see that at breakfast came added company. Cutter along with the beautiful Becky came entering the cafe and join us. He ask us about the rules and we took him over to talk with the people to make sure he understood the rules. He took it very well and was quick to get a death match to win a chance at the lottery for talking to the Oracle.

We ask for some aid in establishing which match he could sign up for. He choose one that a lot of people were surprise and cautioning him about. This was a shooting match against statutes. The rest of us decided to go to a sports bar and watch the match. I bet good money on Cutter to win and he did well. The match was to stay alive and shoot the target at the same time you shot. If you survive the shot and stay on that stand for twelve rounds. He was struggling but made it. The average person only made it to round 4 and ever gave up or was killed. Cutter made it to all twelve. Katrina came and join us at the bar. Matt was cheering Cutter on. He got the whole bar to support Cutter. I was enjoying myself watching and talking with Katrina about the match. I was a little annoyed when Matt offer my butt as part of a bet for if Cutter had not won the next round. I informed him i was not for it and that he should offer his own goods instead. Matt was very high on the life and joy. He and I made even more bets with Thanos joining in. We did well as Cutter had won those next two rounds. When all was done Cutter stood tall and proud as did the rest of us who knew him. Cutter had become a legend and we made good money.

I was glad that we had taken Cutter down to the black ooze pit before he fought. I hope it help him win. This was my second time in it and I felt my conscious raise again. My mind felt more enlightened than the last time. I dont think i will come back anytime soon however. I wish not to become addicted to it like the Slurm.

Anyway, after the match and with some celebration. Cutter said he was willing to enter another match so he did with us joining him. We did another Chess match with Cutter as King, Thanos and I as Rooks, Chi anna was Queen and Matt and Katrina were Knights. The rules were modify to give the winner a choose of taking the life of the defeated or making them the slave. I did not take to this game match light heartily as before. I came in and struck down those that stood before me. I had a total of 4 mini battles. One I struck and felt myself becoming stronger but not caring that I was killing him. One was with a male who could feel my darkness and took it away it felt like. I let him live. I walk off with 4 personal slaves (1 female and 3 males) and team won the rest of enemy team in slavery. My reward was to take an entry in the lottery and gain new ability. I had chosen to focus on my TK manipulation. I feel good.

Lastly, after talking with Thanos, and Matt, we decide to each take on an offer for our slots. I took the moon station in M16 location. I figure we (as a team could use it).

Now we will continue on.

End log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 36

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