Karr's Personal Log - Episode 17

Personal log:

I am whole again.
but my heart still feels heavy. I fear that a partner/friend of mine has fallen. At last I wonder about my friend Tarak. I don’t know if he still lives or has died spitting my name. He was still very angry when we last spoke. He anger was justify. After all, I did throw him into the stream of magic lava. I thought since i had gone in and was healed of my wounds after the brief intense pain that he would be better for it as well. But no, since he was already uninjured it, the magic lava harm him badly as well as ruin his clothing. It would seem that if he had not been a freak of nature with his lizard like healing, he might have died due to my actions. I fear that his consulting sessions may not gotten me over the darkness that seems to have consume my former self.

But i will still fight to regain myself.

I still remember the events of these past weeks.

I remember once Matt and I had rest on the rocks shore of the running river, we got up. We decided to get back into the boat with the limp girl and head down river. Once we were on board, Matt control the direction we were flowing as I try to go to the front see upcoming sites. The river went towards a waterfall that actually flowed upwards instead of downwards. The magic in this place is wild. Matt was able to turn the boat to its side and allow the boat to rise that way verses possibly snapping in half as the front would be pulled up.

Once up top, it leads to another river that we able to see a dock at. The attempts to dock there failed due to the pier rioting away. Eventually, we were able to bring the boat ashore. We found a cottage where light was coming from one of the tunnels. There lived a man who was able to gives some shelter and clothing (mainly Klingon clothes). After some time, we all venture out of the mountain towards the log cabin we left the king at. Soon on the path there, we saw Cutter coming towards us. He welcomes us and walks back with us. He stated that the others were back already.
When we enter the hall, they were celebrating. All was well until I saw HobKnob embracing Lanista and claiming to have single handedly slain the creature. In my anger, I rose up and struck the boychild. He claim glory that was not his. The king was very angry with me for disrespecting his home by my actions. I told the king that HobKnob was a liar. The king insists I show respect and apologize to Hobknob. I offer the king my apologies but not the boy name after a pig. I was willing to fight all the kings’ men since they threw their weapons on me for confronting Hobnob. Cutter let me know that he was with me. Matt who I now call friend tries to defuse the situation. He spoke true words to calm me down. Matt spoke of another time and that this is the kings home that I was disrespecting. Then Hobnob brought out my bat’leth. This is the same blood color bladed bat’leth that the witch gave me to use against the creature. HobKnob/Targ had offered it back to me to be used in our match. As I took the bat’leth back the words of friend Matt was sinking in. So I took the words to heart and offer my apologies to him. Of course, I did it in very sarcastic manner to make fun of the boy Targ/Hobknob. It made everyone laugh as I told how he alone kill all and that the rest of us just stood there. I took drink with them and found my way to the people that had come back with Targ. Among them was the tale of my bother. They told me that my brother was killed and that all that had remain was his skull and a data chip to be given to me. Later on, we were contacted by our crew members and board back to the ship. After all were back, we were informed that my sister Kara and Cutter ship was taken away with Thuku. Also that Tarak wasn’t among us. I thought he had return among the others.

In my thoughts/rage about other things, I had not realized that Tarak was missing. We try to get readings from the mountain but couldn’t penetrate the surface. As we debated about how to find him, the Empire ship came back into the sector. It is a massive ship. We randomly choose a direction and enter hyper drive. They followed and made contact to state that they were after Cutter. We drop of hyper drive after gaining information about where Kara might be as well Cutter ship. We made our way to the station that Kara could be at.

I was glad that we made there. Both YunDarr and I had need of medical care. My ripped member and his arm needed to be replaced. Thanks to Cutter he was able to pay for my member to be regrown and for YunDarr to get a cyber-arm until we afford a new one. I was able to be release much earlier than expect by the sickbay. When I ask Matt about what happen, he kept giving me strange responses. Finally, Cutter told me that she was there in the slave market and had been sold off. However, Cutter was able to get a meeting/diner with the new owner. This meeting was to take place on his ship, which is the size of captain yacht

Matt had left out to take care of some things while Cutter and I went to his meeting. I was to stand in as his man servant. Things started off in an alright manner until the host offer a trade deal. The deal was for us to kidnap my old friend Salma from Citadel and enslave her for him. Then bring her to him in exchange for Kara. As the host try to speak his head was blow away and blood splatter across Cutter. His group of guards that were Gomorians attack us. We were able to win the fight thanks to Matt snipers shooting. We took over the ship and now claim for ourselves. We have move YunDarr to the sickbay about the new ship and he is resting. Now, I am taking these pills and allow myself to finish healing.
End Log.

Karr's Personal Log - Episode 17

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