Karr's 2nd Story

Karr finds himself being escorted to the transporter pad of the prisoner colony curiser. He enters the pad and is told “Lt. Cmdr. Karr we have arrived at Denchar. Good luck.” The sound of the transporter starting it cycle begins. Next Karr is sent down to Denchar. Karr beams down and arrives in open town area with about 50 other prisoners. All prisoners are given a knife and only the clothes on their back. Out of nowhere they hear “Let the Great Hunt begin”. Karr is chased around along with other prisoners. Karr see people being gutted and cut down. He then runs away from the group of prisoners into the city.

Karr is eventually chased down and is surrounded by about 8 people. He is attacked by one of the group with a net when Karr was able to dodge the thrown net. The next was a whip to his back knocking him forward. It was then follow up with attack from another with a sword. Karr dodge the sword by redirect the forward thrust into another incoming attacker. Then Karr took his knife and ripped the blade across the throat in attempt to decapitate him. The one with whip struck again but Karr was able to put his arm up and wrap the whip around his arm. Karr then pull on the whip follow by turning into the whip and slashing the whip with knife breaking the whip. Two more attackers jump in as a brawling attack. As one reaches Karr, he brings his knee up knocking the head of the attacker. The other attacker comes in and knocks Karr to the ground. They struggle on the ground rowing when Karr is able to put the knife into the chest of the attacker. A few more come to attack. One with a sword, one with a pike and the other with a bat with spikes in it. Karr notices that they all are carrying daggers in their boots. Karr rows to his feet and squared off with the spike bat holder. Karr waits for that spike bat to swing pass and ducks under it to come in for gut kick. Karr then moves the attacker in between Karr and incoming pike attacker. The pike goes through attacker, killing him but misses Karr. Karr grabs the spike bat as he swings low at the legs of the sword attacker. The sword attacker step back attempting to get out of the way when the spike bat impales his foot to the ground. The guy yells in pain as Karr comes up grabbing the knife at stabs him in the neck. This is followed by Karr ripping the dagger from the neck and throwing it into the eye socket of the attacker holding the pike. Karr roars. The remaining members ran off. Karr goes through the bodies and finds coins and armor.

Karr continues to wander carefully around the city until he is spotted and chased. He gets corner by a second group. Karr finds himself corned by about 10 gang members. The first attacker comes up “Hey gang look what the frig we got here. It is a damn Klingon.” Says a man with Mohawk hair style with an eye patch.

“Hey be careful they are supposed to be tough”. Says another with a scar up right arm and red hair.

“Yeah I heard that but we are the AKs we run this shit”

“let’s take him”

“Go your way and we call it an end” states Karr.

“Shut up, Gurlac! Your kind needs to know your place.”

“Let’s take him now”.

They attack Karr with four attackers drawing swords. They come in two by the right and two by the left. Karr heads toward the two on the right and dodge their first attacks. Karr slashes the first one on the leg and the other on the arm. The other two step forward and swing but miss. Karr runs toward a wall but then lunge back impaling the attacker following him. Karr releash his grip on his sword and take the sword of his attacker and swing around with the sword catching the second attacker across his face. Karr then drops to the ground as the third attacker swings at him. When Karr comes up, he is kicked in the face knocking him back. About four start stomping on Karr. Karr roars as he comes up slashing at their legs. Karr grabs a boot knife and stabs one in the knee then reaches a sword and cuts off a leg on the way up to his feet. Throat strikes another with handle of the sword and strike another in the gut.

“Sloppy work you bum. He is just an animal.” States the one with a red cloak on and arm bands as he barks orders.

Three more go in with knives and sword. Karr closes the gap between him and the first attacker catching the arm of the attacker under Karr arm. Karr then head-butted the attacker breaking his nose. Karr then moves him onto the blade of the sword of the next attacker. The third attacker dagger cuts Karr across the cheek. Karr hip tosses the first attacker body into the third attacker. Karr then hits the second attacker with strike to the head sending the attacker back to the ground dead. Karr then notice that he closes enough to reach the leader in red cloak. Karr hand rakes across his face.

The man yells “Arrr, my face" holding his face and pulls out a gun and shoots Karr. Karr is knocked back. The remaining members grab and hold Karr down. One member says “Carter, your face. “ With a bloody face, the man now known as Carter shoots Karr again. This shot into the right shoulder.

Carter states “have fun, introduce him to the rules and make him pay.”

Two days go by of constants attacks. Karr has been badly beaten and cut as well as stabbed repeatly. Karr has been move to the basement of an abandon structure. Karr is tied downs on a wooden horse and given burn marks as well as whips scars on his body. Karr looks at their faces and their names are carved in to his memory. The four members are Cutter, an Orion, SlicerBill, an Orion with scar marks on right arm; Fi’shar, a Romulan; and Carter the leader Romulan. Finally Karr is brought in front Carter.

“Have you had fun? Good. I am glad we had our time together…” Carter is interupted.

“Carter, sorry to interrupt but we got word on the old man of the Gurlacs. They got him in the corner area.”

“Great I want him now. Let’s go. “Carter starts to walk away and turns to Karr stabbing him deep. “It was fun now time for you to die. Let’s go, he is done.”

They take the shackles off “We going to needs those for the old Gurlac.”

The group of four leaves out. Karr is left for dead.

Karr is broken and lying on the dirt floor. Left for dead to be meat for whatever rodents might come and claim the rotted meat. Karr lives. He feels the pain all over his body. He feels the pain in his chest from stabbing. The pain lets him know that he is still alive. The pain makes him ignite the fire within him. He manages to summon up the strength to get to his feet. He makes his way out of the building. It is the middle of the night. There are hardly any lights on in the streets. Karr minds runs through thoughts of pain and moving on. . Karr grabs some clothing on the lines that are hanging out to dry. He gets about 8 blocks away when he collapses for innumerous time. As he lays there he hears noise nearby.

In the distance, the sound of metal clashing metal is heard. There is a group of Slashers surround an old Klingon male. The Klingon has grey white hair. He is wearing leather that is fashion in Klingon style. He is carrying mek’leth on his back, a knife on his side and a bat’leth in his hands. It has been a while now since the group first attack the Klingon. He wields the bat’leth like an grand master. All his moves are fluid and precise. His combat flow seems almost like a ballet performance. He has been fighting them off for quite some time now. It has taken its toll. He has taken down most of the group but five. Among them are Fi’shar and SlicerBill. The worn Klingon is breathing heavy but still standing. The Klingon looks over at them and yells.

“Do you know who I am. I am Dorr of the House of Kragg”. Two more attack Dorr and fall.

Fi’shar, SlicerBill and a third orion decide to retreat yelling “we will get you yet.”

Karr is moving slow on his course when Fi’shar, SlicerBill and the other come across him.

“well, boys. Look what we have here. “ says SlicerBill

“I thought we dust you” says Fi’shar “we are just going to have to make sure now”

The other orion says “what about … arrgh”

It is at that point when Karr lunges over to him and grabs him snaping his neck. Karr then use the body to block Slicerbill incoming sword. Karr tackles SlicerBill grabbing a rock. Karr knocks him down and starts beating the handheld rock into SlicerBill head.

Fi’shar regains his focus from shock of the attack and pulls a Voron T disrupter out his pocket inside his jacket.

Fi’shar takes aim. Making sure that Karr is in line. He whispers “good bye, you butt-head Gha’rudh.”

Fi’shar yells “ARRRH” as Dorr’s Mek’leth comes out his chest.

“You forgot to take a parting gift when you left” says Dorr.

Karr bashes the rock into SlicerBill head to there is no difference between the two items. Karr looks over as he sees Fi’shar falling forward sliding off of Dorr’s Mek’leth.

Dorr walks over to Karr. Karr collapses.

Dorr brings Karr to his place. Karr is tended by Dorr mate name T’Killa and their daughter Dorra. Karr is given medical care and bandage up. Dorr brings in a doctor name Heaven. Heaven reset broken bones and gives an accelerated healing drug. Dorra gives clothing to Karr.

Dorr teaches Karr the rules of Denchar. Karr is informed that the rules for all prisoners to learn are the following:

  • Never steal from your friends/partners/cell mate.
  • The only good snitch is a dead snitch.
  • Hurt those than harm children.

Then he was told that there is another set of rules the hardcore that Carter and his group introduce. Those rules are the following:

  • Never steal from your friends, partners, or cellmate.
  • The only good snitch is a dead snitch.
  • Hurt those than harm children.
  • If you KO someone you must rape them.
  • Never back down when challenged because the strong survive and the weak perish or become enslaved.

Dorr tells Karr about all gangs of Xecbec Demise and where they are located. Dorr draws a map of the city to show Karr.

Dorr tells Karr about why he was sent to Denchar. Dorr was sentence to Denchar over 50 years ago for being capture in Romulan space. Dorr was a member of a pirate ship. He had work with the Gurlacs in his time. T’Killa tells of Dorr holding the title of champion in the Tri-Gauntlet Cup for years. Dorra talk about her father being an expert Jugger in the Xecbec Jugger League.

Dorra and T’Killa introduces Karr to town people (most who would have been brutalize by Carter’s group). He is introduce to Shopkeeper Meg-gan. She sales leathers goods, such as clothing, armor, sheathes. Her family has been there for generations. She is marry with two children a little boy name lil Mok and little girl Maude. She had brutalized by Carter group. Another town person that Dorra introduce to Karr is Shopkeeper Fam’u. Fam’u sales food goods if the price is right.

Karr pays the town people back by fixing and improving their equipment and systems. Installs record equipment to monitor the behavior of Carter. Carter has been taking money and supplies behind the leader of the gang back. He has been stating that the Klingon gang, Gurlacs have been committing these attacks when it has been him. Karr seems to become obsessed with going after Carter group. Karr plots against Carter group. Karr makes portraits of Carter remain men. Karr becomes bitter and mean. He turns from interacting with shopkeepers. Karr starts stalking down Cutter and Carter.

Karr finds Cutter hanging with another group. Cutter group of 6 are attempting to beat and rape Meg-gan’s two young children (boy name lil Mok and girl). Karr and Dorr find Meg gan’s husband lying on the edge of death in the doorway of store.

Karr goes in to take out the group. Dorr follows behind Karr. A great fight between Cutter and Karr erupts as Karr charges into Cutter with his knife drawn. Cutter says “I heard what you did to Fi’shar group. Too bad he lived.” They charge at each other. Slicing away at the meat on their enemy body. Karr is cut up bad. However Cutter is worse than Karr.

Dorr takes down the other group members with his bat’leth. Cutter gets away as one of his group member jumps in the way and knocks Karr back. Dorr and Karr applied hardcore rules to the member until beg they are out. Meg gan family is safe and husband given medical aid.

Karr finds YunDarr in the town. YunDarr is attack by the human cult group that thinks him a beast to be sacrifice. The gang named is the Ula Tek. Karr joined in and help YunDarr escape. Karr brings YunDarr back to Dorr’s place.

Karr finds signs of a struggle when they reach Dorr. T’Killa is badly wounded and dying. Dorra is missing. Meg gan little boy went to get Heaven. Little boy tells Karr he saw the group of slashers take Dorr to a location. Karr grabs Dorr’s bat’leth and goes to the location.

Karr heads over to the location as Lil Mok follows. Karr tell lil Mok to go back when they discover Dorra being attack. Karr and YunDarr jump in and aid her as her attackers are defeated. She is injured and Karr orders lil Mok to help her back to Heaven. Karr keep going to the location.

Karr and YunDarr find the group torturing Dorr. Karr and YunDarr go into battle. Dorr is freed but is too weak to fight. Karr and Carter fight. Carter blade is almost at his throat in Karr hand. The fight is brought to an end at the sound of Varon T disrupter going off.

The AKs arrived and surround the area. The head of the AKs walks in. Dorr is lifted up. Karr puts the blade down. YunDarr put his blade down.

Carter laughs stating “Now let’s kill them all.”

Tal Shuresh states “NO. Let’s not. It has come to my attention that you have been a bad boy, Carter."

Stepping out of the sides come wounded Dorra and lil Mok. “These things have brought me some interesting information.” Tal holds in his hand a holo player that shows Carter and his group robbing and doing the things that was blame on the Gurlacs.

“Dorr, you and your group may leave with my apology. Please let your fellow ‘Gurlacs’ know that I will offer amends to them following my investigation.”

Karr steps forward “I am Karr. I claim vengeance against the one call Carter”

Tal laughs “You claim vengeance. That’s nice. You can have it. Later. After my investigation, you may have what is left after I’m done. If you find him out there then do what you must.”

Out of the AKs, a voice says “What? You believe this dog over us. That’s why you are unfit” as Cutter steps out and lunges at Karr. He cuts Karr arm. Karr then side kick Cutter leg at the knee. Cutter drops down and Tal yells “Stop” Cutter attempts to throw a dagger at Tal when Karr hits the hilt in air. The dagger misses its mark and Tal draws a Varon T disrupter and shoots Cutter. Cutter is disrupted in a long painful scream. Karr steps away.

“Now as I said I will do my investigation. Meanwhile you are free to go. I will say this much the one call Karr, you are interesting. “ says Tal.

Carter is taken off yelling “Karr this Is not over I will get you."

Tal leans over to his men, “Give them coin for their purse.” They are given each including lil Mok, a healthy pouch of Denchar coin.

The group goes back to Dorr place. Once there Karr and YunDarr help Heaven aid Dorr and Dorra. T’Killa finally dies in the arms of Dorr. Dorr hold her eyes open and Dorra, Karr and YunDarr roars to Sto’Vo’Kor. They are announcing to the warrior there the arrival of Klingon arriving in Sto’Vo’Kor to join them. They then bury T’Killa. At the funeral, the leader of the Gurlacs shows up with a troop of Gurlacs to do a proper Klingon burial. The leader steps to Dorr and acknowledge him.

“Dorr, it is good to see you again old teacher. Grung Kurlac would have been happy to know that you have not enter Sto’Vo’Kor yet.”

“It is good to see you too, Kevlac Karr”.

“We must drink and laugh about old battles.”

He then approaches Karr. “I am Kevlac Karr, leader of the Gurlacs.”

“I am Karr of the House of Ka’Kor.”

“I have heard of you, and your battles Karr. I have heard of both you and your large friend here. You have spilled blood with my old mentor, who is one of mine; therefore you are welcome to join us.”

“I will join but go my way.”

“Let it be then, brother.”

Karr joins the Gurlac but not as an active member.

Karr and YunDarr can be seen traveling about the city.

Karr's 2nd Story

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