The Ferengi Commerce Authority (also known as the FCA) is an agency of the Ferengi government charged with overseeing business practices and the enforcement of Ferengi Trade By-Laws (including the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities) in the Ferengi Alliance. Under this authority the FCA has the ability to dispense or revoke the rights of any Ferengi to conduct business under the Trade By-Laws. Ferengi who refused to follow these rules could be barred from trade with other Ferengi, or anyone seeking to do business with the Alliance.

The FCA’s primary offices are located on the fortieth floor of the Tower of Commerce, on Ferenginar. To ask a question to the receptionist costs one slip of latinum. To sit down in a chair cost three slips, and to stand cost one slip.

The FCA is governed by a Board of Liquidators that has the power to confirm or reject the appointment of a new Grand Nagus. Decisions of the FCA can be overruled by the Grand Nagus, such as in matters of business license revocation. Agents of the FCA are known as ‘liquidators’, and are commonly feared by traditional Ferengi.

The FCA’s authority extends even beyond the Ferengi Alliance, and its rules govern Ferengi anywhere in the galaxy.


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