Drugs are a common smuggling cargo that usually gets better pay due to it’s legality. Drugs do have beneficial effects, though the withdrawal suffered afterwards usually puts people off taking them as a lifestyle choice.



Not a chemical drug, but rather a nanomachine delivered in pill form. It increases the processing speed of the brain, making its user feel that time has slowed down. (+1 Logic)


The street kid’s drug of choice, Addle is cheap, easy to use, and its breather can be hidden in a pocket or belt pack easily. Each use makes a character bolder, more confident, and extremely sure of himself. This is how the user perceives the effect. Others see an Addle user as clumsy, indecisive, and difficult to understand – hence the name. These side effects are much more pronounced on Addle users who try to break their addiction or take too much at once.


An Ibuprofen-based pain reliever created by the Umbrella Corporation. May be similar in make-up to the real-world Advil. (-1 Wound Modifier)


Made from adrenaline extracted from a living human body. When taken orally, it produces hallucination, muscle contractions, sweating, and increased body temperature.


Not an actual drug, it is a pre-human language, which if heard after a hit of DMT-7, will cause the user to have severe halucinations, and subsequntly have a new vocabulary and an ability to see the world for what it truly is. May drive you insane.


When taken in combination with alcohol creates a hallucinatory state that results in death.


Developed by Dr. Tom Strange, Alosun is a distillate of sun atoms. Ingesting Alosun gives the person superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and invulnerability. (+10 Strength, Flight 100 meters/round, Natural Armor 30/30/30 The effects last for exactly 39 minutes.)


A drug which causes the user to feel emotions, pain sensations, etc. of other people in proximity. Invented to promote altruism. (Receptive Empathy +5, Psi +1, Uncontrolled Psi)


Ambrosia is a temporary ‘cure’ for the Gray Death disease. It is really a large number of microscopic pods in a liquid suspension. The pods attach to the nanobots for a while and disable them, temporarily shutting down the nanobot-induced (and eventually-fatal) autoimmune response.


Andris was the most common spice variant. Mined on Sevarcos, it was commonly added to food both for its properties of enhancing flavor and for preventing spoilage, the latter of which made it especially valuable on extremely slow starships early in the days of galactic travel. Raw andris, when mined, was tan and crumbly, and was originally used in this form; however, it was later learned that it could be refined to a white crystalline form that also provided a slight sensory enhancement to its users.

Andris could be further refined into an addictive stimulant form that provided for even stronger sensory enhancement. Deep freezing also greatly enhanced its properties. While raw and refined andris was legal under the Old Republic, the highly-refined variety was not. (+1 Perception)

Anesthestine Gas

The anesthetic effects of Anesthestine are well known and are due to inhibition of central nervous system activity. Inhalation of the vapor can quickly bring about unconsciousness, but a very high dose can be fatal. The gas is used on many Federation vessels as a means of security. The gas is very flammable.


A liquid which halts the aging process. A more recent development, super-anti-gerasone, is purported to produce actual rejuvenation. Each dose reduces a person’s apparent age by 2d years. If more than two doses are taken in a one year period, death is a certainty.

Aqua Cure

Umbrella’s crowning public achievement, Aqua Cure is an ointment used on open wounds that made the company famous worldwide. It is considered to be Umbrella’s primary public product and is very effective. Appears most often in a first aid spray. Heals 4d damage instantly.


An anti-aging drug. Blish invented the name in the 1950’s. This drug does not appear to truly work.

Athelas/Kingsfoil/Asëa Aranion

Especially effective against attacks from Mordorian weapons. When used by a king, the healing properties are enhanced. Heals 2d damage, if used by someone of ancient bloodline it heals all damage.


A secret drug created by the military to enhance human skills. Extensive use of the drug causes addiction, hallucinations and madness. (+3 Logic and Dexterity)




A liquid which mimics the body’s fluids and helps in regeneration. It is used to help with cuts and burns as well as severe cellular damage, such as frostbite. The subject is suspended in a full-immersion tank for treatment of large scale injuries, or via a patch or lotion for minor injuries. Speeds up healing process so that a healing test may be made each hour regardless of degree of injury. Also grants +3 healing tests. It has been reported that Bacta causes severe reactions in Klingons including paralysis and death.


A vaccine engineered by the pharmaceutical corporation BioCyte to combat a virus called Chimera, which they had also created (in order to market the vaccine). The vaccine is only effective within 20 hours of exposure.


Stimulant and hallucinogen, usually administered in the form of dermal patches.

Betathanatine (The Reaper’ or ‘Stiff’)

Originally developed early in the millennium to facilitate research into near-death experiences. Betathantine induces a state as close to flatline status as is possible without causing gross cellular damage. It also reduces all emotional response almost to nil, originally to allow researchers to investigate near-death experiences without feeling. This drug is very popular in penal colonies because it allows the prisoners to detach from the horrors of life they are experiencing. Betathanatine is used in military situations to either (implied) make soldiers willingly follow distasteful orders, or to reduce metabolism, body temperature, and life signs to avoid sensors. (-2 Willpower)


Blind tends to come in small squeeze bottles with cup shaped tops. Those are pressed against the eye and deliver a liquid dose against the retina by bathing it in a compound solution. Named for its momentary blinding effect, it freezes the cornea and retina in place and makes it impossible for the eye to contract when exposed to bright light. This also causes a prismatic ‘rainbow’ effect around any lit surface. Regular users profess that this makes life more interesting and that only while taking Blind can they see the world as it should be.

Blinkmoth Serum

Blinkmoth serum is created by killing and harvesting blinkmoths. It grants the user extreme intelligence, self-awareness, and understanding. It is extremely addictive. (+2 Logic, +2 Perception, +2 Empathy)


Gold powder found on rocks on some planets at the galactic rim. Effects appear to be heightened concentration and loss of critical judgement. (+1 Logic, -1 Willpower)

Bliss (2)

A sedative and euphoric drug that reduces inhibitions and increases the quality of orgasms. (+2 Empathy, -2 Willpower)

Bliss (3)

A brown powder from the planet Hissos 5, which people can become addicted to simply by looking at it. Makes the user believe he is an omnipotent deity, while at the same time rendering them incapable of as much as tying their shoes. The Powder is actually a Psionic Parasitic Fungi.

Bliss (4)

Thaumaturgically brewed drug. Not physiologically addicting, but the state of peace and serenity it induces is strongly habit-forming, and larger and larger doses of the drug are required to cop the same buzz. Used by at least one necromancer to keep his victims in thrall.

Bliss (5)

Bliss is a generic name for hundreds of different narcotics with the same euphoric effects. People who take Bliss tend to be very peaceful and relaxed with a marked resistance to pain. Those few who take Bliss and then engage in any kind of combat are usually far crueler than normal, as they have no way to understand the pain they are causing others and have little regard for consequences. (-2 Empathy)

Bliss Pellets

A pill-like organ rendered from a water creature, its effect is amnesia. Each pellet consumed erases 1d days from the character’s life.


Also known by such street names as ‘jaster’ and ‘silly salt’. Instantly addictive drug derived from a tree only known to grow on a single planet. Affects entire nervous system, causing intense pleasure. Withdrawal is excruciatingly painful, and usually fatal; treatment requires total life support. It is said that an addict will gladly sell everything he or she owns, along with all body parts beyond the minimum needed to inject the drug, for his or her next dose. There is no known way to synthesize it, and the tree from which it is derived was thought to have been deliberately driven to extinction, but drug has reappeared.


A drug used to extend the human lifespan. It can be used indefinitely. While used on a regular basis stops the aging process of the individual.


An illicit drug (contraband) which apparently acts as an intelligence enhancer. (+1 Logic)


An appetite suppressent, which resembles a soft drink. If taken without an accompanying pill it is highly addictive and can lead to memory loss and a reduction in IQ.


A drug which can induce a state of reduced metabolic function. Unexamined, a person under the effects of byphodine is easily mistaken for a cadaver (TN 8 Science: Medical test).




A bright-yellow large pill from eastern Europe which many featured celebrities held as they talked purportedly affected an area of the brain called ’Shatner’s Bassoon’. Causes severe hallucinations and euphoria.


A plant product imported from Ganymede to Mars that allows colonists to escape into a group hallucination based on their Perky Pat layouts, which are fictional analogues of Barbie.


A natural product of the ecosystem on the planet Malta, it is found in trace amounts in nearly everything on the planet, including the atmosphere and water. A very addictive mutagenic narcotic, it’s withdrawal symptoms are extremely violent and invariably fatal. Exposure over generations is known to cause unnatural longevity as well as greatly decreased fertility. The drug is trafficked by the criminal faction known as the Outcasts (formed by the original settlers of Malta), and outlawed by all the major Houses. The best available selling price is on the planet Manhattan. Character’s using this drug mus roll two different colored dice. One is subrtracted from the other. The character gains this many points in genetic enhancements at the narrator’s option. If the character spends a permanent courage point they can choose how to spend the points themselves. The character must also make a TN 7 Fitness test or die.


Carsunum was a rare and highly illegal spice variant mined on Sevarcos. Use of carsunum granted a boost of both mental and physical abilities as well as a pleasurable sense of well-being. However, once the spice hit ended, side effects could vary from jitters to death. (+1 Coordination and +1 Intellect)

Chamalla extract

The extract of Chamalla is used as alternative medicine for a range of treatments, including cancer. A side effect from using Chamalla appears to be that the user suffers from hallucinations or prescient visions.


A substance, probably brought back by Palmer Eldritch from the Prox system, that is marketed as a more realistic alternative to Can-D but cause the victim to slide between dimensions.


Powerful hallucinogen. Ten milligram fatal dose for most humans.


A clear, emerald liquid which is found in geysers located in dormant volcanoes on Ganymede. Clithni has rejuvenative and anagathic properties. Heals 1d damage.


Powerful narcotic; it also exists in an enhanced form, super-condamine, lethal except to those infected by the dromozoa of the punishment world Shayol.


Powerful stimulant used to revive patients in an emergency, such as cardiac arrest. 25 mL is usually a lethal dose to humanoids, causing hallucinations, madness and death.


Drug used to increase the intelligence of animals to human level. Alters instinct and uplifts animals. Highly illegal.


Called Crimson because of its side effect of opening all the capillaries in the human eye (causing it to turn completely red while the dose is in effect), this drug heightens aggression and improves the coordination of the user at a severe drain on his physical reserves. Overdoses and withdrawal can be fatal as the drug seeps into the tissues of the body and can erode it from the inside out if a slight dose is not maintained at all times. Crimson is very addictive, with most users becoming hooked after one dose. (+1 Coordination)




A serum designed to eliminate the T-Virus and (presumably) its variants from living organisms. The compound is composed of a sample of the T-Virus, V-Poison (a venom from infected wasps), and P-Base (see below), a compound whose full properties are not documented. It is not known if Daylight is effective against the Progenitor virus, the G-Virus, the T/G Virus or Las Plagas.


This drug gets its name from the numb sensation that overcomes its users, leading them to feel like they are the walking dead. People on Deadman usually have a hard time stringing together a coherent sentence, but their increased endurance and resiliency usually means they are not doing a lot of talking in the first place.


A concentrated solution which is fatal if not diluted. Cures most cancers.


Psychotropic substance popular in most penal colonies.


Hair regrowth drug. Requires daily application or regrown hair is lost.


An anti-depressant drug which induces rapid dependency. Giving up the drug causes terrible side-effects.


A weak hallucinogen, which in its natural form is produced in the human brain. Trip lasts about 10-15 minutes. Usually taken before a hit of Aklo.


Powerful hallucinogen derived from a species of mold.


Antitumoral drug. Its side effects include: hair loss, nausea and muscle degeneration.

Dried Frog Pills

A hallucinogen, the pills are carefully designed to make the insane appear sane.


Drug causes extreme aggression after ingestion. It could be that it also enhances their physical powers. The Drug has terrible overdose effects. (+1 Fitness)


A highly illegal drug that induces telepathy. Users commit “telepathic rape”, also illegal, by forcibly (and painfully) scanning the minds of other people. Can induce telepathy even in some species that have no natural telepaths, such as Narns or Ferengi. (+1 Psi, Receptive Telepathy +5)

Dust (2)

Dust is a concentration drug, firing the neural synapses and allowing access to memories and training thought lost in the recesses of the user’s mind. This increases a character’s cognitive functions temporarily and makes everything he or she does more successful. It is popular among doctors, even though they are usually more aware of its dangerous drawbacks. (+1 Intellect)


Psychoactive drug supposed to remove all capacity to experience fear.


An addictive narcotic that is peddled by more than one street gang. A stronger version, Superadyne, will provide pain immunity and induce the user with violent tendencies. Overuse of Superadyne will degenerate a user into a Troll, which makes them brainless but gives them superhuman powers.



Eager B

A speed derivative for the modern age, Eager B accelerates the user’s nervous system and makes him or her more reactive to the surroundings. This makes the character visibly jumpy and skittish, but the improved reaction times are often worth the ‘jitters’ the drug causes. (+2 Perception)

Elixir of life

Potion discovered by a physician of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor. It can lengthen human life for centuries.


Tranquilizer, used as a morning sickness remedy; it induces telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Ephemerol also suppresses those abilities in adults so affected. Awakens the Force in a fetus..

Ethical Birth Control Pills

Drug which totally inhibits the ability to experience sexual pleasure. Originally devised as a means of suppressing the tendency for monkeys to masturbate in public view, it was used, in combination with assisted (“ethical”) suicide, to control massive overpopulation.


A powerful narcotic that raises the normal physical attributes of a human, including an incredibly high pain tolerance. The street gang known as the Freakshow take advantage of the pain tolerance to replace their limbs with cybernetic implants. (+1 Fitness, +1 Coordination, High Pain Threshhold)




A highly addictive drug designed for better slipstream navigation. (+1 Force, +3 Force Astrogation)


Addictive, Causes user to experience flash backs to previous life experiences.

Flu Buddy

A drug designed to treat the flu.


A Ritalin-like drug. (+1 Logic)

Formula 51

Claimed to be a powerful narcotic, stimulant and hallucinogen. While various tests confirm the claim, in reality the ingredients cancel each other out, making it ‘the most expensive candy in history’.


A harsh variant of Eager B that can tear apart the nervous system of an unprepared user, FrenZ drives its users’ bodies so hard, they strike harder and fight with an almost feral amount of enthusiasm. Earning its name in hundreds of bloody street incidents every year, FrenZ is a ganger’s drug of choice. (+1 Fitness)


Named for an archaic warfare term involving dozens of aircraft flying in tight formations against each other, this describes the mental feel of what Furball does to a user’s thought processes. Characters on a dose of Furball feel as though their thoughts are moving at lightspeed and can make rational deductions far faster than they could without it. Addicts and people on stronger dosages tend to lose track of the real world while operating under its effects and can often be easily manipulated. (+2 Logic, +1 Perception)




An anti-epileptic drug.

Gingold extract

A Powerful Mutanagenic that causes elasticity of the bones and muscles. Usually results in death but few people have survived and went on to lead successful lives as freaks.


An anti-depressant. It is a blue hue in its synthesized state, but it is distributed as an orange pill. An unfortunate side-effect permanently locks users into his/her happiest memory, effectively making the user comatose. Rumor suggests the drug may contain monkey semen. The proper or common name of Gleemonex is revealed to be Duoroflouriximinimum 602.


A hallucinogenic drug made from spice that may cause temporary psychic abilities. (+1 Psi)

G’Quan Eth seeds

The G’Quan Eth plant is a Narn religious item, but its seeds become a narcotic for Centauri when dropped in alcohol.




Also known as Frop, the substance is said to possibly contain mystical and hallucinogenic properties


A plant whose root is used as an addictive drug to give visions. It blackens the mouth and causes nervous disorders and eventually death. (+1 Force)


This drug hurts all the way down, as its addicts tend to say. An acid-derived form of PCP with a healthy dose of neuralstimulants, Hellfire makes its users feel like they are on fire and opens their senses up to a world of input that is mostly real, but partially comes from subconscious hallucinations. A character on Hellfire can endure incredible amounts of punishment, though people who push themselves too far often expire messily when their dosage runs out. Allows the user to ignore all wound penalties.


A supposed ‘homosexual cure’. Removes all homosexual thoughts from a persons mind. The effects last for several months but eventually wear off.


Provides relief for parental anxiety disorder resulting from having a homosexual child.


A green serum used for radiation resistance.


Direct neural stimulator which acts on the nerves connected to the temporal and occipital lobes of the brain. Induces hyperaesthesia, a condition of excessive sensitivity to sensory stimuli. The user sees the world moving in ultra slow motion. (+4 Reaction, +2 Perception)


An experimental drug that suppresses dreams. Hypnocil overdoses can put patients into irreversible comas.




Named for the calm, almost ‘icy’ exterior that its users exhibit while on a dose of it, Ice shuts down the character’s emotional centers and makes his mind entirely logical and rational for as long as it is in his system. Though it can lead to extended periods of sociopathic behavior, Ice is a very effective combat drug and is often distributed to battle troops before entry to a dangerous and terrifying drop zone. (-2 Empathy, +2 Logic)


A common immune booster.




A mixture of iron and high potency vitamins in the form of tablets or solution.


A highly addictive methamphetamine-like substance, taken by inhalation. (+1 Perception)


An amphetamine-like stimulant, taken orally in pills or smoked. Used to dilute space dust, it is known to cause constipation. Removes fatigue.




Kalocin is a wonder drug that cures all known virus, bacterial, fungus, parasitic and cancer-related diseases. Withdrawal causes anyone who previously took the drug to die of bizarre, novel microbial infections that were previously unseen in medical science. Once taken the drug must be used for life.


A tailored amphetamine, used to increase strength, quickness, and pain tolerance. (+2 Strength, +2 Reaction, High Pain Threshhold)


A liquid drug that can also have effects if inhaled in aerosol form. Also referred to as “Powerball”. In small doses it induces a trance in which the drugged person is highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion or brainwashing. (-3 Willpower) In larger doses it can act like PCP, inducing mania and feral strength. (+3 Strength and Battle Rage)

Ketracel white

A white liquid drug to which the Jem’Hadar super-soldiers are born addicted, a genetically engineered trait to prevent their rebellion.

Killer 5

The latest iteration of what some call the ‘psycho drug’, Killer 5 builds on Ice and makes its users cold and rational. What sets it apart is the low, inexplicable urge to kill that comes along with this detachment and the biological stimulants that cut through the user’s body and allow for incredibly telling blows in melee combat. Some militaries have found Killer 5 addicts too unpredictable to use as front line troops, but most world governments have set aside such concerns in favor of the drug’s lethal results. (-3 Empathy, +1 Logic)

Kitten Huffing

Kitten huffing is a great alternative to normal street drugs and vitamins. It is well known that ingesting kittens has its side effects, so please, don’t huff more than two or three a day. Kitten-related human fatalities are no joke but Klingons seem to get giddy when huffing kittens.


Mined from the bottom of the great ocean that covers the planet Manaan, it was known for its strong healing properties. Kolto was eventually superseded by bacta. (+3 Healing Tests and one-half healing time)



Ladder (Jacobs Ladder)

Aggression-enhancing drug created by the U.S. Army’s Chemical Warfare division in Saigon during the Vietnam War and tested on American troops in the Mekong Delta, with horrific results. Based on the Army’s purported experimentation with a hallucinogenic drug called BZ. (Battle Rage, +2 Fitness, +2 Resistance, High Pain Threshhold)


A controlled but largely legal recreational drug which enables the consumer to fly. Flight lasts for up to 1d+1 hours with speeds equal to 10 times the user’s coordination & reaction in KM per hour.

Lotus tree

A plant, possibly native to Libya, with opium-like sedative and narcotic properties. It is believed that the plant may be related to the jujube plant or the date palm. The plant was the sole food of the Lotophagi.



Magic Potion

Gives the imbiber temporary super-strength. +1d+2 Strength


Combination antibiotic and contraceptive, heavily classified studies show long term use leads to sterility.


Users of Marvey usually just stare at the walls of whatever room they were in when they took it. These addicts sometimes waste away unless people feed and bathe them, as the drug can promote a complete schizoid break from reality after enough doses. Dealing with Marvey cases is usually the work of medical professionals, and those who must do so see first hand that the job and pretty colors this drug offers are hardly worth the physical wreckage that results from its use.


It is an addictive geriatric drug that gives the user longer life, greater vitality, heightened awareness, and can unlock prescience in some subjects, depending upon the dosage and the consumer’s biological makeup. It is used personally or by the Spacing Guild’s navigators to see safe paths through space-time, hence making interstellar travel possible. It is better known as Spice. Addictive: whites of the eyes turn blue as a side effect. Grants +2 Force and reduces aging to 1/10th.

Mentamite Five and Mentamite Six

Created by LexCorp, Mentamite Five is an intelligence booster, but eventually burns out the user’s brain. Mentamite Six originally burnt out the user’s brain immediately, but Phillip, a Mentamite Five user, corrected the flaw in the formula. Both formulas grant +2 Logic


Drug giving illusion of physical reality to holograms.


Originally, an orally-ingested (later developed for hypodermic spray) drug that gives the user superstrength and possibly other powers for the duration of exactly one hour. The drug is heavily addictive, +2 Strength


A highly addictive green glowing liquid that makes the user believe that life has no consiquences. As such users often commit acts of evil that are beyond the imagination. Has a special ingredient which sterlizes its users.


A narcotic derived on Venus, it has a devastating effect on the human physiology. It causes the user to experience extreme “time-compression” – although he cannot move faster than normal, it seems to him like he senses time flowing at a much faster rate, causing him to suffer sensory overload. Physical tissue trauma is consistent with the amount of subjective time the user has experienced.

Molecular Reward

Hallucinogen. Overdose causes users to believe they are a bird, flower or mushroom.

Moloko Plus

This is the drug for psycopaths – or at least for wannabe sociopaths. The drug ramps up testoserone and kills all empathy, resulting in a sociopathic euphoria, which has made it the number one favorite drug of gangs everywhere. (-2 Empathy)


Drug used as an analgesic, similar to the real-world morphine. It is applied via injector. Kills all pain in the subject.

Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH)

MGH is usually presented in pill form. It grants temporary powers to whoever takes it. (+1 Psi, +1 Force)




A highly potent sleep drug, Nappers are used by corporate executives for its ability to give rest to the restless regardless of medical conditions or stress. Though it is hard to become addicted to Nappers, some still do. Fortunately, Nappers are inexpensive and the withdrawal effects of coming off of them are very slight.

Neodextraline solution

Treatment for dehydration.


Effects similar to heroin, transparent gaseous drug administered using plastic inhalers.


A deadly drug that makes Deadman feel like one’s foot falling asleep, Nix causes the user to lose all connection to the sensations of his or her body. Once on Nix, a character can shrug off minor damage with no apparent effect because he literally cannot feel the blow. This is not the same as not getting injured, and a person on Nix can be operating apparently normally with large wounds on his body, but the drug pushes the user into acts of massive stamina for as long as it lasts. Medical attention is highly recommended after the dosage wears off. (+3 Vitality and ignores all wound penalties)


A powerful, highly-addictive analgesic


A powerful, addictive, synthetic narcotic. A red, blood-like liquid that is injected, its effects resemble cocaine.




A stimulating medication based on the brain’s natural endorphins. Psychologically if not physically addictive.

Open Eyez

Open EyeZ is the street name for a medical formulation that counters most sleep agents and can sometimes even arouse comatose patients in clinical conditions. Used by non-medical personnel because of its wakening effects, it simulates massive doses of caffeine or similar chemicals.




‘Ask your doctor for a reason to take it’. A parody of commercial pharmaceuticals. The drug is sold by charletans throughout the galaxy but has no true healing effects beyond placebo.


An unknown compound necessary to create the anti-T-virus serum called Daylight.

Pescaline “D”

A drug used to treat Bowden’s malady, a degenerative disease affecting bones and muscles.

Phoenix Down

A powerful medicine made from phoenix feathers capable of reviving a dead (or seriously-injured) person.

Plutonium nyborg

Inhaled white powder. Appearance resembles cocaine, effects resemble marijuana.

Plutonium, aka the Plutonian drug

A fine white powder derived from fossilized plant material located beneath the frozen gasses that for Pluto’s surface, Plutonium sends the user’s mind into a strange fugue, wherein he experiences all the moments of the future and the past as a series of bas-relief images stretching off to the right and left. The sensation lasts for up to half-an-hour, during which time the user can retrace his past experiences or even trace his path into the future. Due to the subjective time it takes to navigate this experience, it seems likely that the user can perceive at most a day or so in either direction.

Polydichloric euthimal (PDE)

An amphetamine-type drug that in the short term makes human beings capable of doing fourteen hours’ work in six hours, but in the long term induces psychosis and subsequent death. The name of the drug is the same with that of the explosive used by miners.


A HIV vaccine that reportedly cures 100% of users. Actually the vaccine is effective only in 75% of the cases.


A wonder drug “made by SquabbMerlCo”, it solves all your problems… with a plethora of humorous side effects. From a public service announcement by Consumers Union.

Project 5 formulas

A collection of drugs designed to increase neurochemical activity and enhance intelligence. Developed and tested on animals, their use on humans is strongly contraindicated. (+1 Logic)


A “miracle drug” developed by “Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals”. Provasic produces drug induced hepatitis but cures most other diseases.


Every mascara-stained girl with her box of rocky road ice cream and pile of Kleenex could use a little Prozium following a bad break-up, as could anyone suffering loss of a loved-one. As long as you don’t have a corrupt totalitarian dictatorship forcing you to inject yourself on a regular basis, this miracle drug has many interesting uses. The drug makes you feel like nothing in the world could be wrong and has no known side effects.


A powerful mutanagenic drug that is illegal throughout the Federation.


A drug stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic.

Pylene 50

Used homeopathically, this drug is simply a muscle relaxant. However, a hundred times normal dosage totally subverts the will into complete obedience. Number one drug of slavers and kidnappers throughout the galaxy.




Secreted by an artificially implanted gland; when it reaches high doses in the bloodstream causes psychosis and fierce aggressiveness. This can only be prevented by administering ‘counteragent’ intravenously.




A medicine that quickly removes large amounts of radiation from the body. Possible side effects are listed as headache and nausea.


Taken before exposure to radiation, Rad-X greatly boosts one’s radioactivity resistance. Works better in stronger subjects.


Rage is the single most common combat drug used by militaries. Its use makes a character strong and fast, though its withdrawal and overdose side effects can be nasty if not monitored closely. Most fighting forces tend to consider Rage-dosing soldiers to be deniable and disposable assets, dropping them into hostile situations before risking more valuable personnel. (+1 Strength, +1 Reaction)

Red Eye

Amphetamine-type recreational drug, highly illegal and extremely valuable. Delivered in the form of an eye-spray, which cause the user’s eyes to go red; hence the name. Users perceive a slowed rate of time, and seem to have incredibly quick reflexes as well as other heightened physical capabilities. Many users of Red Eye are referred to as Bloody Eye. (+2 Reaction)

Red Ice

A powerful narcotic that was quite popular in the early parts of the 24th century. The drug has been outlawed on all Federation world because of its addictive and debilitating properties. Recently the Black Sun has began manufacturing the drug and reintroducing it to unsuspecting worlds. This has caused much concern by the Orion Syndicate as well as the UFP. Users describe the drug as feeling like an orgasm every few minutes as they writhe on the ground unable to get up. (-2 Coordination, -2 Perception, -2 Logic, +2 Empathy)


Regenerate is a skincare product that uses the T-Virus to reanimate dead skin cells, making the user appear younger.

Repressitol A drug used to keep repressed memories from surfacing.

Chemical substance that can cure nearly any vision problem. James T. Kirk was allergic to retinax and was forced to use reading glasses (a very rare thing in the 23rd Century).


Reverses the effects of Ritalin

Rumble Ball

A drug created by a sports doctor. It increases the user’s strength and endurance. (+1 Fitness)


A type of spice originating on Ryloth that can be used for legitimate medicines or addictive recreational drugs.




An aspirin-based treatment for various common, daily illnesses. (+1 Vitality)


A cheaper version of Rage used more commonly on the streets, the formulation of Samson is close enough to Rage that addicts of the former can stave off their withdrawal effects by using this drug instead. Not as effective at amplifying the user’s speed, it does enhance strength for roughly as long as Rage does and allows a user to exert that strength more effectively. (+1 Strength)


Plant root extract used by Mentats to amplify their mental powers; apparently addictive, and stains the lips red. (+2 Logic)


Derived from a fossilized lichen found on the moon, selenine (in the form of a solution) is an “infallible serum,” a universal cure for cancer and many other ailments. (+3 Vitality)


Drug used to prevent fluid from building up in the lungs. It is applied via injector.

Serum 114

A drug which causes severe nausea, pain, and discomfort. It is injected during the Ludovico treatment, which uses a series of violent images forced on the viewer in order to cure violent urges in criminals.

Sex Packets

Ingestion of a packet makes one feel as if they are having a particular kind of sexual experience. Sold illicitly by street dealers and come in several varieties.


A highly addictive drug whose inevitable result is death. Its source is Alpha 7/5, or the Moon Disc, an ovoid, translucent plant which has partial telepathy, and could move on its own. This plant grows only on the planet Zondar.


A green liquid which can knock out anyone with weak spiritual power (Essence 0) with one drop and used by members of the 4th (Medical) Division as an anasthetic. In particular to incapacitate the latter long enough to perform needed medical care.

Silver Serpent Venom

A mildly toxic but addictive substance that temporarily increases the user’s physical strength. (+1 Strength)


A steroid, absorbed through the skin.


Fights insomnia; in large doses it can cause unconsciousness in fully awake people.


Wonder potion or pills capable of tackling various conditions


According to Hindu mythology, this is the elixir of immortality


Soma doses can be anywhere from a half pill to a couple pills depending on level of anxiety. Soma has the effect of being a bliss enhancing substance with no side effects, consider a combination of alcohols “forget your worries” and cannubis’ “flying high” without any deleterious effects.

Soma (2)

An antidepressant which is hallucinogenic if taken in sufficient quantities; developed under governmental subsidies and engineered to have almost no side effects. Large doses cause death by depressing the medulla oblongata’s respiration centers.


Hallucinogenic barbiturate, used for both recreational use, in small doses, and riot control, where it is commonly used in Gek Gun capsule bullets.


Hallucinogen, often taken in the smokeable form space dust.

Space Honey

“This is no ordinary honey! A narcotic of sorts, produced by giant space bees. “One spoonful to calm you down. Two spoonfuls to help you sleep. But three spoonfuls and you’ll go into a sleep so deep, you’ll never wake up.”

Space Mead

A drug which places its users into a state of suspended animation. Used for interstellar flight on the backs of byakhee.


Medication given to prevent space sickness during interplanetary travel. Users babble, speaking in free association; the ability to react to stimuli (including sexual arousal) is reduced. The legal version is in common use, but slight chemical alterations can transform it into a hazardous narcotic.


Recreational drug that causes erratic behavior. Lethal in excessive doses.


Spice was slang for various mind-altering drugs. Varieties included ryll and the strongest (and most expensive), glitterstim. The planet Kessel was rich with these spices, which were harvested from dangerous mines – at one point in history by slave labor. Sevarcos II, Rori, Ryloth, and Troiken were other sources of spice. The most sought after spice enhances psychic powers and improves the longevity of a person.

St. Jonah’s Morphine for Children

A very basic pain killer


“Herbal dietary supplement”, produced from all natural ingredients (99% kelp, 1% fugu tetrodotoxin other). Highly hallucinogenic, euphoric stimulant.


Highly addictive drug that helps the user to stay awake.

Substance D

Dampens the links between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, causing vivid hallucinations. Also called “Death,” it is lethally addictive. Long-term use can lead to two separate, mutually unaware personalities.


Synthehol is an artificial substitute for alcohol, allowing the drinker to experience the intoxicating effects without any adverse after-effects such as hangovers. In long-term doses it creates a psychological (but not physical) addiction, similar to cannabis.


A hallucinogen, its name derived from “synthetic mescaline”, in the milk-plus sold on Citadel Station.



The Fear

Causes fear, paranoia and hallucinations, administered either via pills or injection. Possibly used by espionage and intelligence agencies.


A mood elevating substance when ingested in large quantities. Overindulgence causes disorientation, loss of balance, emotional effusiveness, and hangovers.


Highly addictive euphoriant. An overdose of thionite is lethal.


A medically refined version of Thorazine commonly available on the street, Thor-X leaves a user feeling virtually nothing at all. The euphoric buzz that Thor-X instills sometimes leaves its users very supple and relaxed, making it a common drug in situations where users normally have to worry about pain and discomfort.


An addictive drug for Vulcans. It harms their nervous system in such a way that they cannot control their feelings by logic any longer.


A compound of powerful anti-arthritic spansules and antihistamines.


Hallucinogen simulator.


A very powerful laxative.




Dangerously addictive narcotic developed by biochemist Elexis Sinclaire. A deliberate effect of the drug is genetic alteration, causing genetic mutations in the user. The drug was developed and distributed for the purpose of building a bio-engineered army for world conquest.


Uberz are a collection of pills all designed to be taken at once. When swallowed, they dissolve in moments and go to work on the muscles and nerve endings of the user. A character on Uberz feels little pain, gains a sense of megalomaniacal superiority, and can sustain wounds that would kill a normal man. Because of these effects, more people die in Uberz-related incidents than every other form of combat drug combined. (+3 Vitality, High Pain Threshold)


An accelerated form of FrenZ, Ultra-Violence stimulates the nervous system of the user so much, it can impart blinding reaction speeds and near instantaneous movement. This effect is not compatible with the effects of any speedenhancing cybernetics; a character cannot gain more than one extra partial action in a given round, regardless of its source. Ultra-Violence users are rapidly gaining on Uberz addicts for the title of ‘most incredibly stupid deaths each year’ award. (+2 Reaction)


A second aspirin-based medication by the Umbrella Corporation. Unlike Safspirin (see above), this one may be prescription-required.




Valifin is a pediatric heart medication that has a side-effect of renal failure.


Highly addictive narcotic. Junkies are prone to babbling and unpredictable violence.


Ingredient in milk-plus, sold on Citadel Station. Produces alertness and ultra-violent tendencies.

Velocity-9 and Velocity-10

Addictive drug that gives the user super-speed, both grant (+1 Reaction but V-9 causes severe headaches)


Highly addictive super-steroid. Increases physical performance and stamina. (+1 Fitness)

Venus Drug

Drug that radically enhances the (female) user’s physical attactiveness – apparently by placebo effect.


A topical rub for bald and impotent men, or as it’s spokesman Homer Simpson says, “It gives you hair up there and what you need down there”. May cause loss of scalp and/or penis.


An elixir containing vitamins, meat, vegetables, minerals, and 23% alcohol. Allegedly to help people who are “tired, run-down, and listless”.

Vorta Vor’s

The best Romulan cigars money can buy. Rumored to be rolled on the thighs of virgins. The rare tobacco leaf used to make Vorta Vor’s is from an Earth (Virginian) strain. The Romulan soil adds nutrients to it that make the tobacco stronger and yet smoother. It grows a natural pitch black color and has a very distinct and alluring odor.


Addictive and deadly drug



Water of power

The Water of power or “the water that eat lives” is a drug from Alabasta. When used, it focuses all the consumers remaining life into strength, When drank it wear out the body completely leaving the user only a few minutes to live. The Drug grants +1 Strength per life row remaining. He then loses one row per round but maintains the strength, Death is certain.

White Claudia

A highly-addictive hallucinogenic drug cultivated from a plant of the same name. The drug causes its victims to be complacent and to obey most commands. (-2 Willpower)





Yakov’s Elixir

Another fake drug sold as a heal all




By reducing the effects of Ultra-Violence and tailoring it to a slight pain ameliorative, this drug is a running athlete’s dream. It increases the speed at which a character can move by making it impossible for a user to feel fatigue in his lower extremities and enhancing his neural processing slightly. Zippers cannot increase the movement speed of a character with one or more cybernetic legs, as they depend on a musculature to be effective.

Zombie Powder

This powder, made from the remains of corpses and the undead, can be used to make its user immortal. However, since only certain corpses/zombies contain the necessary factor for the drug, it is extremely rare and one of the most prized items in the world. Eating the wrong kind of Zombie powder will cause the user to become infected and transform into a zombie.


Hallucinogenic, eupohoria-inducing drug, also magnifies vision when used. (+2 Perception)



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