Denchar Lottery

During the solstices the City of Xebec’s Demise holds a lotttery. Every living person in the city is included and 100 lucky winners are chosen. These winners are given free food and drinks at any establishment they desire to visit for one week. At the end of the week they are required to report to the Grand Arena.

The next two months are filled with intense training in unarmed and armed combat. A period of 9 days of rest follows, during which prostitutes are provided for the winners at no cost. Then the games begin.

The winners are randomly placed in a combat tree, in which they must battle until only one winner remains. The victor is called ‘The Xebec of Xebecs’, and is given a tenth of all money the bookies made on the event. In addition, he is given a place of honor amongst every citizen of the city.

When the Spring equinox occurs the two victors (one from each Solstice) are pitted against one another in a battle to the death – the winner vanishes in a transporter beam. No one knows what happens to the winner but much speculation has occured. Some believe he is given a free pass and released; others believe he is killed. Still others believe he is taken to a secret installation deep within the planet.

From time to time, people try to get out of fighting. When this happens they spontaneously combust; once again, no one can explain why.

Another interesting note is that no one knows who runs the lottery. Winners of the lottery know they have won when a red X appears on their forehead. Once they have been eliminated from the games the X vanishes but a faint hairline scar is visible if you really look for it. The winner of the Winter Game receives an Omega symbol on his forehead, and the Summer winner gets an Alpha Symbol.

Denchar Lottery

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